Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our trip to The Dallas farmers Market

Today I left my safe & secure comfort zone & ventured out into the world. We, as in Steve, Nate & I drove into Dallas (YIKES)  to visit the farmers market. (No, not on the tractor.)
I wanted to can some tomatoes & our garden just wasn't producing the amount needed for this project. (About 25 lbs). We found the wholesalers shed & went to town, well sort of.

We also bought a case of pineapples. (Steve cut them up before I could get a picture.)
Canning to commence on Sunday, Stay tuned.

Well after we took care of business we just kinda wandered around taking in the sights & posing for photos.

Posing works up an appitite so we stoped for some tamales at La Popular Tamale House, MMM bueno!!!
We hung around people watching for a while, then it was back to the homestead.
It wasn't near as scarry as I thought it would be. (The traffic, not the market.)

I'll have to get out more often!!!

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