Saturday, July 24, 2010

Painting chairs & grilling


Where to start????

Ok, the paint project.

I found these chairs at my local thrifty shop about 5 years ago. (Only $5.00 each) Threw some white paint at them, covered the cushions in some black & white toile & called it good.

Well today it's going to get better.
So, off to the paint closet we went. What color should we use Nate?

blue, green, purple, red, orange, yellow? OOPS no yellow, we made that orange for the bee hive!!!

Red it is!!

New & improved chairs.
I found this fabric at Wally world for
$1.50 a yard. I still have some left so
it might turn up later in another project.
These chairs are for extra seating, so
I have one in the bedroom area & one in the dining area. I use the term area because we have an
open plan house so there are no rooms per se.

 Well painting wasn't the only thing we did today. We also grilled some shrimp kabobs, a rack of ribs & some chicken leg quarters. I say we grilled,  what I really mean is...
Steve grilled & we watched, although we did put the kabobs together.
        Yummy shrimp, pineapple chunks (from the canning day post)
& fresh jalapeƱos.
 (No Trisha, the pineapples are not in the mail yet.)
We cut some fresh rosemary & basil to lay on the fire, mixed up some olive oil & dried herbs to brush on the meat & viola lunch box gourmet for next week!!! Probably need to make some potato salad or something to go with the meat. Maybe tomorrow.

Earlier in the week I needed a sewing fix.


Darn out of time.
Nate wants me to go watch My Name Is Earl.

Till next time...




Willow's Dream said...

The chairs look great and I can smell the rosemary from here! I wish I was there with you having bbq!
Great Job!

librarianism said...

The BBQ sounds delicious. Wish I had been there! Also, those chairs are great. As usual, you completely transformed them into a whole new look. And now they match the bar stools.

Tricha said...

I cannot believe that you left us hangin like that. I want to know what you sewed. And further more, why are the pineapples NOT in the mail??? :)
Sounds like you all had a great time.
Miss you

Anonymous said...

I like the chairs! I have an incomplete project of redoing 4 chairs. Finished the table but find the chairs more difficult. You are terrific and I like the striped material with the red.
I don't think you can possibly find another project, can you? :-)