Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lack of sunshine AKA I've been depressed!

I've been a little depressed....
Winter always does that to me.
Short days, lack of sunlight, working indoors?
All of the above?

I was in need of a little brightness in my indoor home life so I decided to lighten things up a bit.
A few pieces of furniture were banished, a few rearranged and some renewed.

This dresser, rescued from a thrift store eight years ago,
functions as a sort of buffet/dining room storage unit.
Originally, I removed the mirror and painted it all white.
Then I went through my dark green phase.
Then I marbled it a black/green/gold/white.
Today it's marbled blackish/red with the mirror re-attached
and has a new home in the hallway.

This is my vanity, rescued from the thrift store also.
I've had this baby since 1980.
She also has gone through several transformations,
Black on white, dark green on white, brown.....
Today she's sporting a bright, sunny yellow.
Hairstyler Barbie and Mr. Peanut approve of their new digs!

New kitchen window treatment
The windows needed a little help also!
The kitchen has two windows and the office/sewing room has three.
Needless to say, there was a lot of curtain making going on!

I used the fabric from the old office curtains to make a new
table cloth for the soap display table.

New office window curtains
And Soap, lots and lots of soap,
craft shows are right around the corner!

Soap curing
I feel a little better now.

 Thank you Better Homes & Gardens
for getting me out of my funk!

Maybe I need to do some canning too,
I'm a little low on jam!

Till next time,