Sunday, September 16, 2012

What My Eyes Have Seen Lately


The Market was a no go yesterday,
cloudy, threatening rain, a tad bit windy...

Plato Loco, Waxahachie, TX.

I went into town (Waxahachie) anyway just to get out.
I had breakfast in the little café
across the street from this Ý photo
Then I walked up the street to the "Junk In The Trunk" event around the
courthouse square.

Waxahachie, Tx. Courthouse
About 15 vendors set up selling all kinds of junk.
I bought a brooch for $5.00 and a mini park bench for $1.00.
I'm going to use the bench as a show prop and the brooch as a Terry prop.

Then I walked the few blocks over to the junk store
and found this ß for $2.00, (another show prop)
needs some work though.

On my kitchen counter
Then I perused the many antique/gift stores around the square.
I saw a lot of items in the antique stores that I have, and use on a daily basis.
My breadbox, my cast iron corn stick pans, my Fiesta ware, my potato masher,
my cast iron skillets, my Eagle Snacks tin, my Coke tins.....
Just to name a few!
Most had hefty price tags.
I never knew my breadbox was worth $39.95,
the bread should be honored to reside within!

I did have fun though, looking at how things were displayed,
getting ideas for my own display....

I even ran across some Steam punk jewelry,
which was quite a surprise!
All in all it was a good day, although, not very profitable. 

But, maybe I needed a rest, a little eye candy, some fresh input?

The rain showed up today, a steady, all day type of rain.
Not good for painting, the suitcase will just have to wait.

I spent the better part of the day viewing blogs and trying to comment.
Notice I say "trying to comment", google was not cooperating.
I made some muffins using Sue's jam cake recipe, thanks Sue!
And generally just screwed around.

Neighbors' house, Ennis, TX.

Saw this Ý Friday when I was hanging clothes on the line.

Saw this ß  in Marshall the last time I took Nathan back.

Marshall, TX.

Santa Monica Beach
Well, that's all I have for today,
till next time, stop and smell the roses!

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Show Props "or" There's Always Room For Improvement

New Mini Bag Display


I like to change my show display every so often, mix things up,
 try to look fresh, go with the season....
With that in mind, I've been busy re-doing/ inventing new show props.

Keep in mind, I'm in a 10 x 10 area with a canopy, table space is limited,
I need to take advantage of up space.

The new mini bag display above started out as a sleeveless, lace coat thing
that I made about eight years ago.
I intended to wear it to The Ren Fest but just didn't like it.
I pulled it out of the "gone wrong" trunk, ironed it and then pondered.
I pinned the bags to it, but didn't like the see-through aspect of the lace.
It needed some contrast, I dug through my closet and after trying several
things, came up with a long, black sweater coat.
I pinned a vintage veiled, black velvet hat to the hanger
and added a vintage sweater pin thingy.

Close Up.

Next was the large bag/purse display.
I've tried several things and didn't like any.

I had an idea that involved large dowel rods.
Favorite daughter (inside joke) did the Home Depot
run for me and came back with two 1" diameter x 48" long dowel rods.
I had a lace curtain panel, some black fabric, the dowel rods,
spray paint, drawer knobs, ribbon and imagination.

I spray painted the dowel rods gold and added the drawer knobs to the ends.
Then slipped on the lace panel,
added ribbon to hang it from....

Then I pinned on the bags/purses.

New Bag Display.

I added a ribbon to the center of the bottom so
I can roll it up and tie it off for easy transport.

I also made a garment bag for transporting the aprons, that trash bag I was using....
A little tacky to say the least!

Several other things got a re-do/coat of paint.
Hopefully, once everything is set up we'll look better than ever.


I don't know if the weather is going to cooperate.
Show is tomorrow and there's rain in the forecast.

Wish me luck!

Till next time,

That "gone wrong" jelly?
I used a jar of the orange
to flavor a pot of beans, pretty good!
Just saying...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dr. Pepper And Orange Crush Jelly?

Vintage Dr. Pepper Sign


A few years back I was at a craft show in Corsicana, TX.
(When am I not at a craft show)?


There was a lady selling all kinds of jams and jellies,
but the ones that caught my eye were made with sodas/colas.
She had Dr. Pepper, Coke, Big Red, A & W Root Beer, Orange Crush
and probably a few more that I can't remember.
These varieties were just flying off her table.
I called the hubby to see if he wanted the Dr. Pepper one,
he's from Texas and is a big fan of the Dr.
He said fore sure, but, by the time I got back with the cash....
Not a Pepper in sight.

Flash forward...

I was trolling the net and remembered about the soda/cola jellies.
I did a google search and found this recipe for
The Pepper and another one for A&W.
Thinking to self, these would make
awesome Christmas gifts.

Yes, I make notes on my recipes, this should say, went horribly wrong.

I followed the directions,
(this ain't my first jelly making RO-DA-O)
but it just wouldn't set.

Expecting some awesome jelly.

Google search again.

Why, and how to fix?
Apparently the recipe didn't have enough sugar.
The fix was pretty standard from all sources.
Un-cap, pour into pot, add more sugar, lemon juice and pectin.
Re-boil, re-cap and re-process.


Just go with it and call it syrup.
Guess what route I took?


I think I'm going to call them,
Gourmet Smoothie Starters, or, Specialty Pancake Toppings,
or, Terry's Awesome Milk Shake Blends...

Terry's Awesome, Orange Crush and Dr. Pepper Gourmet Syrups.
The jar with the white lid is the leftovers from each batch.
Didn't get processed and went straight to the fridge.
I will try again!

If you're on my Christmas list.....

Till next time, happy canning.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Vintage Chair Refashion

Look at that beautiful sky.

This is a chair that I've had for so long I can't
even remember where or when I got her!
I'm sure I only paid $5.00 max,
that's my limit on chairs, really.
(I am so cheap).

It's been green, white, red.....

Lately it's been residing on the workstation side of the deck
waiting for a redo.
As long as I had the paint out  for the end table redo, why not tackle her too?
The last painting she had was red over green, the red needed a few more coats
and I just wasn't feeling it so she was pushed to the side.
Time to put her front and center.

(Ignore all that stuff in the background).
Since the base was mostly red, and the paint I had out was
compatible, and the sponge was already loaded....

Monet inspired
The fabric for the seat is a dress I purchased at
a new flea market in Waxahachie for $2.50.
A 90's, gathered creation with lots of fabric.

Oh my!
Out with the old!
In with the new.

 She now resides in my office/craft/sewing area,
replacing this chair that I found in the dumpster
at our old apartment, actually, I found two of them.

Donate or keep?
 Don't know if I want to keep these chairs or not.

I still have a lot of the dress fabric left,
and this baby needs some clothes.....

Naked ARRANBEE baby.

And I did just purchase a vintage doll clothes pattern on Etsy!
Maybe a new wardrobe for the sweetie pie?

Stay tuned!

Till next time, happy everything.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Grill Up Bonanza

Market goodies

This is the some of the produce I bought
yesterday at the market.
We did a grill up today with a sirloin steak, ribs, a small pork loin,
dogs, (no, not the pet kind) those beauties, Ý cantaloupe and bananas.

Here's the run down/method.

Hubby marinated the steak and pork loin in olive oil.

He also pre-cooked the ribs in the slow cooker with French's
Worcestershire sauce, (try to spell that without the bottle in front of you)
soy sauce, Louisiana hot sauce and some water.
When they were ready to grill he took them out of the cooking liquid
and put hickory smoked b-b-q sauce on them.
(I saved the cooking liquid in freezer containers for later use
in soups and stews this winter).

Dogs and cantaloupe
He cut and peeled the cantaloupe, cut into crescents and marinated 
one half (about 6 slices) in some juice from our canned jalapeños.
The other half of the melon, (also about 6 slices) 
were sprinkled with lemon pepper and chili powder.

I decided to cut the bananas length wise and douse them with maple syrup.

Maple syrup bananas
A couple packages of the dogs were coated in hickory smoked b-b-q sauce,
the others were left plain.

The tomato and colored bell peppers were sliced and grilled plain.

The critique...

The steak, ribs and loin were good,
 if I would have been grilling them,
I would have taken them off sooner.
I'm more of a medium rare to medium person.
Dogs were perfect!

I liked the jalapeño ones best!
You'll just have give them a go, they won't disappoint.
Easy to grill in the fish griller with no sticking.

Veggies were perfect, slightly crisp and sweet tasting.
No sticking in the fish griller.

OMG, so good you just can't imagine.
When I do bananas again I'll buy them a little more greener/firmer.
It was tricky getting them out of the fish griller whole.
Maybe oil the fish griller also?

The hubby did most of the work and I was so appreciative.
He's a pretty good cook.
The "pet" dogs were also appreciative for the rib bones :-)

I was otherwise occupied with making jelly.
I'll let you know how that turned out.

Till next time, grill,
it'll keep your house cooler/ save electricity.

Twice, during this post when I clicked enter
to go to the next line, blogger posted instead of
moving to the next line.
I've been having nothing but problems
since they updated.
How about you?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good Day At The Market

Mucho Soap!

We were finally able to get back to the Waxahachie Farmer's Market
after two weekends of rain outs.
Not complaining... Just saying!

We're reaching a whole new demographic at this venue,
not just the handmade craft seekers. Actual customers that want
the more natural alternative to the store bought soaps and bath products.

We've only been at this location a few months but we are
experiencing a repeat customer base here as well,
and as a bonus we're also getting more,
my sister, mother, friend told me about your products, referrals.
How cool is that?
You know you have a good product when you get referrals!
So I'm totally happy/thrilled/grateful about this aspect of our venture!
Eight years of serious dedication is starting to pay off.

On another note...

Since I am currently not employed/ punching anyone else's clock,
I've had more time to create in other ways.
I do love to sew, bead, repurpose, imagine...

Mini bag
Today I sold two aprons and a mini bag.
They are on their way to Japan!
Thank you lovely Japanese ladies,
who oo-ed and awed over my sewn creations.
I am so grateful!

The other apron didn't get photo-ed, that I can find, but thank you Sue
for the fabric/valance on this one!

Grilling tomorrow, still too hot for inside cooking.
50 cents each for large, colored bell peppers and 50 cents for a 12 ounce tomato,
$3.oo for the sweetest cantaloupe.
Still working through that half, grass fed cow!

Till next time, be grateful,