Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Little Corner Of The World!


Ennis, Texas is the bluebonnet capitol of Texas, and it just so happens,
that I live on one of the Bluebonnet Trails.
Every year, visitors from all over, converge on Ennis
for photo ops of the bluebonnets.
They bring wicker chairs and other props just to have
their photos taken in the flowers.

For the last two weeks I've had lookie-lous pulling
into my drive, photographing each other in our flowers.

Isn't it funny, I have these flowers every year and a host of several others.
I pick them, make my table pretty with them, watch our bees collect their pollen,
but mostly take them for granted.

So here you have it, bluebonnet photos without the fuel cost!
Fluffy and Red say "we love our bluebonnets".

Till next time,
stop, and really see what you have,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OH MY!!!!

I had a job interview in Dallas today....
What was I thinking?
Stop and go traffic, rude, impatient drivers and the awful smell...
Once I hit the Trinity River Bridge the sewage smell of the River
mingled with the vehicle exhaust fumes...
That's when I remembered why I moved to the country!

Lou Sterrett Justice Center
 This is just one of three towers, guess we have a lot of criminals!

The job opening was for a commissary worker at the Lou Sterrett Justice Center.
Basically it entailed delivering, via a cart,  personal care and other sundries to the inmates.
Sounded easy enough, what the posting failed to mention was the hours,
6AM to 2PM.

There's no way I can be anywhere at 6AM,
I drop off two other people at their jobs.
Unless it pays $20.00 an hour I'm out.

The interview was odd to say the least,
but that's a whole story in itself....

This is more my speed.

First cutting of the season.

I walked outside while waiting for this photo to load,
heard crickets, a frog and other country noises.
No traffic, no stench, that's what I'm talking about!
I hope I find a job more suitable to my sensibilities.
Perhaps you' all could put the vibe out there for me?
I have numerous skills available!

I'll be making soap tomorrow, also more my speed.

Till next time,
Bonjour and good karma

Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Lost my job and found my life!

Unfortunately I still need a job.....
Wish me luck on the employment search!

I love this mesquite tree.
Right beneath it lives a patch of wild blackberries.

Till next time,