Friday, July 20, 2012

Busy Little Bee, DIY Aprons


Found these lovelies at my local thrifty shop and just had to have them!
One 23" table cloth, six 9 ½”  napkins and six 6" coasters.
All for $1.00, all in good shape. WOW!
I was thinking of pinning them all together to sell but I started thinking!
The little ones look like pockets, or doll clothes, or clothing embellishment....

So I started with a pocket.
I had this dusty rose color, toile fabric in my stash and decided to make an apron.
At one point, dusty rose color, toile fabric was used to make my bathroom curtains.
 I'm telling you, I definitely recycle fabric.

 This apron is flat across the waist with no gathers.
Finished size is 22 x 22 with the ties being long enough to wrap
around and tie in the front.

I made a pocket out of the toile fabric, then sewed the coaster onto that.

I sewed the pocket onto the front of the apron in a
diamond shape and left it open on the outer side.

This is a reversible apron so I used a doily to embellish the other sides' pocket.
Added this cute, pink, pearlescent button from my button stash,
some lace and pink ribbon.
Wish I had someone here to take a picture of me wearing it,
the hanger photos don't do it justice!

This apron is gathered at the waist, also reversible.

I hope to sell these at the market tomorrow.
Wish me luck!
Till next time,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joy Riding?

I had to do it!

There was just no getting around it.....
The grass/weeds were knee high in some places.
And believe me, it was no joy ride.

I started with 5 gallons of fuel at 6:30 AM and finished
with no gallons of fuel at 12:30 PM.
I dodged bees and grasshoppers, fought off Mesquite trees,
had a flat and got her stuck more than once.
Good thing I watched that PBS series on how they built the pyramids'. 
(Used the hoe handle as a pry bar to get her un-stuck).
I am not a big fan of mowing!

After a shower and a quick lunch I created another dog (swept up the dog hair),
did the dishes and generally straightened up.

Because tomorrow I'll be in town running errands all day,
Saturday I'll be selling my wares at the Farmer's Market and
 Sunday I have two young ladies coming over
for a sewing tutorial.
I can't have the place be a wreck with company coming!

How was your day?

Till next time,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012



I'm still at the sewing machine, (I love my sewing machine)
but this time I'm making dolls.

I think handmade dolls are cool. 
 On the one hand you have the mass produced dolls,
bland with no personality, all the same faces, clothes, and they smell funny...

On the other hand you can use one doll pattern and come up with
so many variations of handmade dolls, no two look alike.
And who says the body has to be a plain muslin fabric?
Why not black, or brown, or in this case yellow with flowers?
Scan the pattern to vary the finished size, use crazy yarn for the hair,
tiny roses for the eyes and mouth....
The possibilities are endless!

So, here we have it, or should I say her?


Her clothes

Her skirt was a blouse that I picked up at the thrift store.
I really liked the pin tucking and thought I might use the piece for a bag.
Rose had other ideas!
Her eyes and mouth are little roses, and, as you can see,
her hair is a flaming red!
Once I had her body finished she pretty much told me
how she wanted to be dressed and how she wanted her hair done.

My husband said she looks like she has a Port-wine stain.  
 (flat purple-to-red birthmarks made of dilated blood capillaries.
These birthmarks occur most often on the face and may vary in size.
Port-wine stains often are permanent (unless treated).

That never even crossed my mind as I was laying out the pattern pieces.
I chose to put that flower there.
Perhaps the powers that be directed my hands in anticipation
of a little girl with the same birthmark finding Rose.
And if that occurs I'll give her Rose.

Miss Ivy
I sold Miss Ivy at my last show to a middle aged woman,
I'm just saying....

Well, my sewing machine is calling....
Who cares if the grass is knee high and the floors are full of dog hair!
I need to create.

Blogger is underlining things and generally not doing as I command.
So.... I'm just gonna hope for the best and go with it!

Till next time,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Valance To Apron, Via Sue

SO, SEW....

Sue, my blog buddy from Kentucky was kind enough to send me
a very large, bulging box of vintage linens, doilies and various pieces of fabric
thingies for my sewing/creating pleasure.
Sue, you are the best!

There were so many items... Where to start?

Seam ripper at the ready!
This piece caught my eye immediately.
Window valance, very detailed window valance, hummmmm.
Since I didn't need any windows to be valance-d
I decided to make it a reverseible apron.
 (I've been on an apron kick lately).

I removed the rod pocket casing and then went to my fabric stash for
a complimentary fabric for the waistband and pockets.

Looking good.
The button stash was next.

Stash-o buttons.
And perhaps a rose embellishment on the other pockets?
Pretty pink roses.
retired window valance becomes new, up cycled apron.

Side A

Side B
What do you think?

That was a big box, there's more redo's on the calendar!
Thanks Sue.

Till next time,