Friday, July 20, 2012

Busy Little Bee, DIY Aprons


Found these lovelies at my local thrifty shop and just had to have them!
One 23" table cloth, six 9 ½”  napkins and six 6" coasters.
All for $1.00, all in good shape. WOW!
I was thinking of pinning them all together to sell but I started thinking!
The little ones look like pockets, or doll clothes, or clothing embellishment....

So I started with a pocket.
I had this dusty rose color, toile fabric in my stash and decided to make an apron.
At one point, dusty rose color, toile fabric was used to make my bathroom curtains.
 I'm telling you, I definitely recycle fabric.

 This apron is flat across the waist with no gathers.
Finished size is 22 x 22 with the ties being long enough to wrap
around and tie in the front.

I made a pocket out of the toile fabric, then sewed the coaster onto that.

I sewed the pocket onto the front of the apron in a
diamond shape and left it open on the outer side.

This is a reversible apron so I used a doily to embellish the other sides' pocket.
Added this cute, pink, pearlescent button from my button stash,
some lace and pink ribbon.
Wish I had someone here to take a picture of me wearing it,
the hanger photos don't do it justice!

This apron is gathered at the waist, also reversible.

I hope to sell these at the market tomorrow.
Wish me luck!
Till next time,


sawn48 said...

I can just see some little grandmother in your aprons,although the grandmothers of today,not so much. I do hope to see them coming back more and more.They invoke such wonderful feelings of how the good and simple life use to be.(Leah says her favorite colors are purple and green.)

librarianism said...

I love the reversible paisley one! That circular fabric pattern is super cool. I also love how unafraid you are to turn one thing into another.