Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Little Red Found In The Road!!!


Poor Little Guy
Nathan and I were out flying his kite this evening and we decided to check the mail.
The dogs followed us to the mail box and
Little Red (Black Lab mix) found this Cardinal lying in the road.

Little Red
She had it in her mouth and I think she had plans to eat it! 
I told her to bring it to me and
surprisingly, she dropped it in front of me.

Nathan was freaking out!
To be honest, so was I.

The poor little thing looked dead.
Miss Lady (German Sheppard) came over to see
what all the fuss was about
and pushed it with her nose as if to say "get up".

Miss Lady
I picked him up and he chirped, cried, I don't know,
but I did know he was still alive.

Nathan and I brought him into the house and placed him
in the old bird cage along with some dead grass,
water and some johnson grass seeds.
One of his eyes is not so good and 
I figured he wouldn't make it past the night.

An hour or so later he is hopping
around the cage looking for an escape.
I had to clip mesh around the watering bowl holes
lest he get stuck trying to get out.

Poor Little Guy Looking Much Better
Steve thinks he might be blinded in that one eye, it does look bad
but, he does seem to be feeling better.

I've turned down the lights and
now he's resting more comfortably.

What should I do?
Let him loose in the morning into the trees where they hang out?
Keep him a few days to see how he's doing?
I'm afraid he'll hurt himself  more trying to escape!
He does look better than when we found him!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do.......

This happened Tuesday May 24 less than a mile from my house.

Ellis County
2 suspected burglars shot inside home

An Ellis County man shot two burglary suspects in his son's
house in the 2800 block of FM85 near Ennis
shortly after noon Tuesday, officials said.
One of the suspects was dead at the scene
and the other was in surgery hours later at a Dallas hospital.
His condition was unavailable.

Ellis County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. James Saulter
said a neighbor saw the two men knock on the front door
of the single-family home, then drive around back.
Suspicious, the neighbor called the homeowner's
father, who lives next door to his son and was on his way home.

The homeowner's father, who Saulter said has a concealed handgun license,
confronted the two men inside his son's home, where they were in the process
of carrying some of his son's guns toward the back door.

The homeowner's father called 911 after the shooting.

Saulter did not identify any of the men involved in the incident, pending
notification of next of kin.

Story written by Richard Abshire, for the Dallas Morning News.

This happens all too often in our neck of the woods,
it's remote and criminals know you're most likely at work.
I've been burgled at two different residences and let me tell you, it feels awful!

We do have the Castle Law but...

I don't know about killing someone over possessions.
Then again, I wasn't there, maybe the criminals had their own guns!
These Texans do seem to love their guns.
What would you do?

Till next time,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spooky Weather In Texas Tonight

Kinda looks  like a funnel cloud to me!
I'm headed to the closet!

Till next time, (God willing)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sofa Completed And I'm Still Here

Recovered Sofa
I guess I'm a heathen, cause I'm still here!

I was a little concerned today,
I knew I would be LEFT BEHIND
what about my loved ones?
Would they be gone?
Everyone I know is still on Planet Earth,
I guess the nut doesn't fall far from the tree!

On to the sofa.

I purchased a total of 13 yards of fabric for this project,
1 bolt of each print. ($22.50 plus tax)
I like to purchase more than I need just in case I screw something up!
Happens, believe me...

I did all the cushions and pillows in the sham method to eliminate zippers, 
and still had enough fabric to make throw pillows
and cushions for the park bench.
In a previous life the seat cushions for the park bench
were the back cushions on a second hand love seat .

Park Bench
Even had enough fabric left to cover one of the chairs on the front porch! 
The pillows on the park bench and the front porch chair
were 50 cents each at the thrifty shop.

Free front porch Chair
What to do about the other chair on the front porch?
The cushion for this chair was purchased from Wally World
about five years ago....
Really bad shape but the top half was savable.
Snip, snip....
Another fifty cent pillow combined with the savable top half and,

Other free chair
The covers for this chair were pillow shams given to me by my mother- in- law.

(Yeah, I know, I need to paint the front porch ....again).

So here we have it,
the deck is in useable condition,
(AKA entertainment worthy)
complete with seating for twelve,
dining area for six, bath for one, and dominoes for two.
Nathan always kicks my a.. at dominoes!!!

Lower half of deck

You're welcome to come over for some B-B-Que and dominoes,
just get here before July!!!
Till next time,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I know....
I've been neglecting my blog!
That doesn't mean I've been lolling about doing nothing though.
I do have a few projects in the works!
Really, I do!
 Like this wrought iron sofa.

A guy I used to work with needed some trash hauled away and this sofa
and a matching chair were in the trash pile!
(Why we were hauling trash is a whole other blog post)!
Steve cut boards for the seats and I got busy with the paint.
I covered some bed pillows for the back cushions
and just used an old quilt for the seat cushions.
A few weeks ago I was at my local thrifty shop
and spotted these cushions in their trash.

They were mine for the asking,
 and now I have comfy seat cushions for the sofa.
All I need to do is cover them.
One has a broken zipper but, I think I will cover them in the pillow sham style.
A little more fabric is required but the need for zippers is eliminated.
The back pillows will also receive a redo.
I'll post the results as soon as I finish.

 Till next time,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bye Bye State Troopers!

I'm back from my Louisiana trip.
I had a great time visiting with the family and enjoyed some really yummy food.

My niece Trisha did a super job on the Mexican Fiesta food,
fajitas with all the trimmings, and instead of a cake, my other niece Kim
made a really cool arrangement with cupcakes, hydrangeas and ivy.
They are so talented!!!

The drive over there and back was pretty uneventful.
It could have gotten ugly though
 as I tend to have a lead foot.
I usually rely on the cruise control but it was acting funny/shorting out.
I found myself doing 85mph several times
and had to reel myself back in to a legal 70mph.
Luckily, the State Troopers were busy with other drivers and left me alone.

I know I said I would take lots of pictures.....
I got the camera out,
  ready to capture a few life moments,
 and wouldn't you know...
The camera needed charging...
Charger is three hours away...
Got out the back up camera...
No batteries.
Note to self...
Keep charger and batteries in the camera case!

Luna Moth
I found this Luna Moth hanging out at work a few months ago,
interesting life cycle.

I hope you' all had a super weekend.
Till next time,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's A Family Thing

Oh Boy!!!
I'm off to Louisiana for the day.
I'm going to my sister Kathy's birthday party.

Mom and Dad had a system,
3 kids born in May, 3 born in November.
Save on cake!
(I don't know what happened with my brother Mike, he's a groundhog's day baby.)

I didn't think I would be able to go.

We only have one vehicle, so the logistics of getting Steve to and from work
and me to Louisiana just wasn't going to work out.
That is until the vehicle fairy showed up!!!
It's a long involved story but the bottom line is....
I have a sweet ride for my little jaunt to Louisiana.
(Thank you Heather).

My beautiful daughter, Heather

It's about a 3 hour drive,
the party's at 3,
 so if I leave at noon I should be ok.
 I'll take lots of pics.

Do you think it's significant that there's a lot of 3's
in this post?
Till next time,
 P.S. Sue- you're right...
blogger is acting up.
It erased the comments from my last post,
is doing weird stuff with my labels 
and it's not formatting correctly!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Soap, Ear Infection And Tornadoes


Running out of soap.
The last two shows have been great,
the soap supply is running short.
We have been doing the soap scene for about seven years now
and the most popular scents have always been the floral.
Mostly the earthy, spicy scents with the fruity not far behind.
I was caught off guard, so now I'm scrambling to catch up.
What used to be a predominately female demographic (floral)
is now evolving into a unique mix of both the sexes.

Gotta love it.

I won't trouble you too much with my recurring ear infection..
I've about had enough.
You would think,
one GP, one ENT and one emergency room visit (ruptured eardrum)
should have fixed this five or so year problem.

I'm not kidding!
I have been told I have allergies.
I had about given up.
As a last resort I went to the local clinic and guess what?
I have a fungal infection.
Diagnosed by a PA!

The GP, the ENT and the emergency room blew me off.
I could have had a seizure, lost my hearing, even died....

This PA was appalled, O.M.G. she said.
Needless to say I'm pretty drugged up, and hopefully, on the road to recovery
without too much damage done to my hearing.



Being that I couldn't sleep Monday night due to the storms
I took a vacation day on Tuesday.
I'm laying in the lounger on the deck reading, napping,
when I was awakened by the sound of dog nails clicking on the wooden deck around me.

Lady was circling me, trying to wake me up.
Seems there was a possible tornado about five miles away.
(We call Lady the weather dog because she knows when there's bad weather approaching).
 OK Lady, I'm awake now, what's up?
 I spent a few hours in the closet with her and Red.
The storms moved off to the east towards my mother-in- law's house in Canton, 
passing her but hitting Edam and Ben Wheeler.

Today Sunday, AM started out cloudy with signs of rain that never materialized.
I went out to pick wild blackberries and discovered several more berry patches on the property.
WooHoo, I do love free food.
Later the temps turned cold so we spent the day making soap, canning meat, berries,
 and also doing a little baking.
Also made some ham beans and cornbread.

Believe it or not I had to get the winter quilt out of the blanket chest
cause it's cold in this house tonight!

Any awry statements, typos or incorrect sentences will be blamed on the blog and not the drugs!!!

OK, there's the rain, darn. I have laundry on the line!
OH well....
Till next time.

P.S. For some reason the "blog" decided to bold almost everything, align things incorrectly and not
print most of my text! I swear, it's not the drugs!!! I give up. I'm going to bed!