Monday, May 2, 2011

Soap, Ear Infection And Tornadoes


Running out of soap.
The last two shows have been great,
the soap supply is running short.
We have been doing the soap scene for about seven years now
and the most popular scents have always been the floral.
Mostly the earthy, spicy scents with the fruity not far behind.
I was caught off guard, so now I'm scrambling to catch up.
What used to be a predominately female demographic (floral)
is now evolving into a unique mix of both the sexes.

Gotta love it.

I won't trouble you too much with my recurring ear infection..
I've about had enough.
You would think,
one GP, one ENT and one emergency room visit (ruptured eardrum)
should have fixed this five or so year problem.

I'm not kidding!
I have been told I have allergies.
I had about given up.
As a last resort I went to the local clinic and guess what?
I have a fungal infection.
Diagnosed by a PA!

The GP, the ENT and the emergency room blew me off.
I could have had a seizure, lost my hearing, even died....

This PA was appalled, O.M.G. she said.
Needless to say I'm pretty drugged up, and hopefully, on the road to recovery
without too much damage done to my hearing.



Being that I couldn't sleep Monday night due to the storms
I took a vacation day on Tuesday.
I'm laying in the lounger on the deck reading, napping,
when I was awakened by the sound of dog nails clicking on the wooden deck around me.

Lady was circling me, trying to wake me up.
Seems there was a possible tornado about five miles away.
(We call Lady the weather dog because she knows when there's bad weather approaching).
 OK Lady, I'm awake now, what's up?
 I spent a few hours in the closet with her and Red.
The storms moved off to the east towards my mother-in- law's house in Canton, 
passing her but hitting Edam and Ben Wheeler.

Today Sunday, AM started out cloudy with signs of rain that never materialized.
I went out to pick wild blackberries and discovered several more berry patches on the property.
WooHoo, I do love free food.
Later the temps turned cold so we spent the day making soap, canning meat, berries,
 and also doing a little baking.
Also made some ham beans and cornbread.

Believe it or not I had to get the winter quilt out of the blanket chest
cause it's cold in this house tonight!

Any awry statements, typos or incorrect sentences will be blamed on the blog and not the drugs!!!

OK, there's the rain, darn. I have laundry on the line!
OH well....
Till next time.

P.S. For some reason the "blog" decided to bold almost everything, align things incorrectly and not
print most of my text! I swear, it's not the drugs!!! I give up. I'm going to bed!


brendie said...

Ive seen some of those tornadoes on the news, wicked, tearing up buildings, you can see why they call it the finger of god!
weve got rain here now too, and lots of wind but we dont get tornadoes luckily/my washing is getting extra rinses and tumbles, ive just lit the fire so may have to go rescue it and put it thru the spin cycle and do the chinese laundry impersonation. good for you with the soap sales. weve seen blackberries on the side of the road of late, never sure if they have been sprayed or not, love free food too, tucking into buckets of feijoas at the moment.

Nancy said...

All of our critters get the jeebies when severe weather is looming.

Hope you ear gets better, dear. That's aweful it's been bothering you for so long.

Lynda said...

Your weather is alarming! We had had a couple very small tornadoes here in N. Cali this year: weird! Stay safe.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Brendie- had to look up feijoas, sound interesting. Not possible for our climate and I don't have a green house yet.
What do you mean sprayed, like poison? By who?
I see people driving our rural road looking for the berries on the fence lines. Fine by me, just don't come down my drive.

I just left the laundry out, it's suppose to stop raining tomorrow.

I made a batch of soap tonight and will continue to do so the rest of the week. Have one more spring show first of June so I'll be ok.

Thanks Nancy, I hope my ear gets better too, like ASAP!! Aren't the dogs wonderful guardians?

Lynda, your produce is looking super fine you lucky lady. Our spring crops failed miserably.
The onions and garlic are looking pretty good though. The herbs are doing great, I found several new sage plants that popped up on the backside of the bed where the garlic is planted. It pays to let them go to seed.
Something is eating my basil this year, I think it's a bug, not the rabbits. I planted some more in pots on the deck so we shall see.

sawn48 said...

Terry,sorry you're under the weather. I don't know what to think about doctors these days. Our nurse practioner does a much better job than most of the doctors we've had.If you had known it was a fungal infection,possibly, tea tree oil,would have helped,but I don't know that much about fixing ear problems,although I had enough of them in my youth.

I'm experimenting with my lavender. I think I will be able to propagate it from cuttings.I sure do hope so.I love lavender.

I can see why your soap sales are doing so good. You have some great fragrances.

Lots of folks prefer wild berries,but if you like,I could send you some tame thornless berry starts.I harvested 10 gallon off mine last year.I mostly use the juice though,for jelly.The seeds don't go good with dentures.

brendie said...

yes terry, sprayed with poison, to "control" the spreading of blackberry which isnt seen as nice free food to share but a burden hogging grazing land.

brendie said...

OMG terry weve just had a tornado go through our northern city of auckland, one confirmed dead and 20 injured. that is bizzarre weather!!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Brendie-Went to check on your tornado, usually we have warning from the weather service. I guess you being in the middle of the ocean things can pop up without any warning.
According to your news you guys don't get many tornadoes.
Glad you are safe.

Too bad about the blackberries, maybe we as a people should just stop messing with Mother Nature and let her do her thing. Poison-really-haven't they heard of a bush hog for pete's sake?
That poison is running off into the ocean.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Sue- I'm on the road to recovery I hope.
That would be great but I wouldn't want to put you to the trouble. 10 gal. is quite a lot of berries.