Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Little Red Found In The Road!!!


Poor Little Guy
Nathan and I were out flying his kite this evening and we decided to check the mail.
The dogs followed us to the mail box and
Little Red (Black Lab mix) found this Cardinal lying in the road.

Little Red
She had it in her mouth and I think she had plans to eat it! 
I told her to bring it to me and
surprisingly, she dropped it in front of me.

Nathan was freaking out!
To be honest, so was I.

The poor little thing looked dead.
Miss Lady (German Sheppard) came over to see
what all the fuss was about
and pushed it with her nose as if to say "get up".

Miss Lady
I picked him up and he chirped, cried, I don't know,
but I did know he was still alive.

Nathan and I brought him into the house and placed him
in the old bird cage along with some dead grass,
water and some johnson grass seeds.
One of his eyes is not so good and 
I figured he wouldn't make it past the night.

An hour or so later he is hopping
around the cage looking for an escape.
I had to clip mesh around the watering bowl holes
lest he get stuck trying to get out.

Poor Little Guy Looking Much Better
Steve thinks he might be blinded in that one eye, it does look bad
but, he does seem to be feeling better.

I've turned down the lights and
now he's resting more comfortably.

What should I do?
Let him loose in the morning into the trees where they hang out?
Keep him a few days to see how he's doing?
I'm afraid he'll hurt himself  more trying to escape!
He does look better than when we found him!



Sue Nugent said...

There are places to take wildlife that have been impaired,but Heaven only knows where there might be one near you. You might search the internet for one. I think my Mom's town has some form of one or at least a person in the town that comes to pick up such cases for the main headquarters.With one eye out,if that be the case, he might be more likely to meet his dimise in the wide open spaces.(sawn48)

Sue Nugent said...

...and I forgot to mention...That's a great picture of Nathan and your flower garden.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hi Sue-He's looking pretty good this morning, hopping in circles and such.
I have no idea where there's a preserve around here. Maybe I should just let him go?
I'll drink my morning coffee then decide.

Was there any problem for you in my comment form this time? I notice your picture isn't showing up.
I had trouble with blogger all day yesterday.

Thanks, that photo of Nathan was taken at the Dallas Farmers Market. I wish I had flowers that looked that good.

Canyon Girl said...

What a dilemma. I have no idea what to do either, but if he is well and hopping around, you probably should let him go.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hi Inger- We took him to the trees where they hang out and opened the cage. He hopped out and worked his way up the Cedar Tree. I hope he does OK.