Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's A Family Thing

Oh Boy!!!
I'm off to Louisiana for the day.
I'm going to my sister Kathy's birthday party.

Mom and Dad had a system,
3 kids born in May, 3 born in November.
Save on cake!
(I don't know what happened with my brother Mike, he's a groundhog's day baby.)

I didn't think I would be able to go.

We only have one vehicle, so the logistics of getting Steve to and from work
and me to Louisiana just wasn't going to work out.
That is until the vehicle fairy showed up!!!
It's a long involved story but the bottom line is....
I have a sweet ride for my little jaunt to Louisiana.
(Thank you Heather).

My beautiful daughter, Heather

It's about a 3 hour drive,
the party's at 3,
 so if I leave at noon I should be ok.
 I'll take lots of pics.

Do you think it's significant that there's a lot of 3's
in this post?
Till next time,
 P.S. Sue- you're right...
blogger is acting up.
It erased the comments from my last post,
is doing weird stuff with my labels 
and it's not formatting correctly!


brendie said...

with a banjo on your knee?
my brothers birthday may
my sisters birthday may
my dads birthday may
stepsons birthday may
mother in laws birthday may

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey, that rhymes with three!
Left the bango home but did take the DVD player to keep Nate out of my hair!

Canyon Girl said...

Have a great trip and a eat a lot of CAKE!--Inger

sawn48 said...

Be safe and hurry back before the water gets there.My Mom's family is in New Iberia, and we all are worried about them. With the flat land and the massive ammounts of water coming,it's scary for us all. We are watching the news daily trying to follow the floods as it goes down the Mississippi River. It is flooding so many homes and crop lands,it's impossible to imagine. My Aunt lived through the flood of 1927 and she is scared out of her mind.This is suppose to be worse.

kim andersen said...

It was wonderful to see you and hug your neck. You're such an awesome person and I am honored to call you friend.