Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sofa Completed And I'm Still Here

Recovered Sofa
I guess I'm a heathen, cause I'm still here!

I was a little concerned today,
I knew I would be LEFT BEHIND
what about my loved ones?
Would they be gone?
Everyone I know is still on Planet Earth,
I guess the nut doesn't fall far from the tree!

On to the sofa.

I purchased a total of 13 yards of fabric for this project,
1 bolt of each print. ($22.50 plus tax)
I like to purchase more than I need just in case I screw something up!
Happens, believe me...

I did all the cushions and pillows in the sham method to eliminate zippers, 
and still had enough fabric to make throw pillows
and cushions for the park bench.
In a previous life the seat cushions for the park bench
were the back cushions on a second hand love seat .

Park Bench
Even had enough fabric left to cover one of the chairs on the front porch! 
The pillows on the park bench and the front porch chair
were 50 cents each at the thrifty shop.

Free front porch Chair
What to do about the other chair on the front porch?
The cushion for this chair was purchased from Wally World
about five years ago....
Really bad shape but the top half was savable.
Snip, snip....
Another fifty cent pillow combined with the savable top half and,

Other free chair
The covers for this chair were pillow shams given to me by my mother- in- law.

(Yeah, I know, I need to paint the front porch ....again).

So here we have it,
the deck is in useable condition,
(AKA entertainment worthy)
complete with seating for twelve,
dining area for six, bath for one, and dominoes for two.
Nathan always kicks my a.. at dominoes!!!

Lower half of deck

You're welcome to come over for some B-B-Que and dominoes,
just get here before July!!!
Till next time,


brendie said...

just got home from my holiday, no rapture for me either, oh well maybe next year 21 dec 2012

sawn48 said...

Gee, you've got a lot done.Looks great! I work outside every spare minute, so I'm behind on doing those kinds of chores. I keep telling myself I'll do that when it gets to hot to work outdoors.We'll see!

Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

Great job on the cushions Terry! I was so busy yesterday I forgot about the world ending! Did I miss it? I would love to come and bathe on your deck! Would you throw in some nice smelling soap? I've always wanted to have an old bath tub outside to use AFTER DARK(don't want to scare the bejeebies out of anyone).

Nancy said...

Wow! It would take me a month to get all of that done and it wouldn't look half as nice as yours. You are a wiz!


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hi Brendie-I hope you had a great time visiting with your family.

Sue- Since I broke the lawn mower I've had time to do other things...
The deck was really looking shabby and the old cushions were so yucky I was afraid to sit on them!
I sure do wish we had a riding mower or a bush hog, the "lawn" wouldn't take quite as long.

Tami- thanks, you're welcome anytime. We put up some lattice pieces in the corner where the tub sits. Anyone wanting to see anything would have to use a spy glass, ha,ha.

Thanks Nancy, My rotary cutter and mat are a great help.