Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I know....
I've been neglecting my blog!
That doesn't mean I've been lolling about doing nothing though.
I do have a few projects in the works!
Really, I do!
 Like this wrought iron sofa.

A guy I used to work with needed some trash hauled away and this sofa
and a matching chair were in the trash pile!
(Why we were hauling trash is a whole other blog post)!
Steve cut boards for the seats and I got busy with the paint.
I covered some bed pillows for the back cushions
and just used an old quilt for the seat cushions.
A few weeks ago I was at my local thrifty shop
and spotted these cushions in their trash.

They were mine for the asking,
 and now I have comfy seat cushions for the sofa.
All I need to do is cover them.
One has a broken zipper but, I think I will cover them in the pillow sham style.
A little more fabric is required but the need for zippers is eliminated.
The back pillows will also receive a redo.
I'll post the results as soon as I finish.

 Till next time,


Nancy said...

Great find, Terry. Can't wait to see the finished products. :)

sawn48 said...

Isn't the price of new cushions rediculous? You can buy a whole new set,chairs and all,for the price you'd pay to recushion your old set.And I guess that's what they had planned. I'll just recover mine,too.Heaven knows I have enough fabric.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hi Nancy-I din't know what the set would cost today. I should have time this weekend to finish up.
Like your new profile pic.

Hey Sue- I did check out cushions at wally world, OMG!
I think it's probably cheaper to recover the old ones every year. Like you, I have way too much fabric!