Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin Pie In The Sky


Every year we have a pumpkin decorating contest at work. I cooked mine. Yummy!!!
Here are the photos of the top winner. Mine wasn't one of the winners, except to me.

First Place

Second Place

Third Place



Someone else decided to bake also.
Thank you Susan.

Today we are moving my grandaughter into her very first apartment.

SO, till next time,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Someone's Trying To Steal My Aura!!!

I've been thinking about it for quite some time now.
You go through life being who you are, improving when you can, keeping what you like, changing what you don't. Sounds like a good plan to me.
BUT, the people around you have other ideas. I'm talking about the mean people, the toxic ones.

Let me set the stage.
Heather, my daughter
Harry, soon to be son-in-law
Steve, my husband
I, me
Rose, woman
Magic, everywhere
cute cafe, Historic Downtown Waxahachie

Heather, Harry, Steve & I were having a late lunch in a cute little downtown cafe.
Just chatting, enjoying each others company. We were approached by a woman who claimed to know Harry. After much discussion it was decided that she didn't. Then she turned her attention to Steve & I, talking about our Aura's, telling us we were Indigo Children. She wanted us to visit a cafe she frequented. The Enterprise....  A cafe where people like us hang. She also wanted us to visit her Church, a New Age Church in Dallas. She chatted with us a while, talking about new age, aura's, stuff. All this wicky talk was making Heather nervous. After giving me her contact info she left.
Heather was going on about the woman being weird, telling me, don't even think about going to that church, ETC,ETC,ETC.
I did try to contact the woman via email. No luck.
That was about 7 years ago.

The reason I bring this story up....
I am,
a very flamboyant person.
I have tried to fit in, really. I have.

Let me just say, there are people in my life who want to steal my Aura. Who are actively trying to make me miserable, who never say a kind word, who point out my every mistake, who never acknowledge my triumphs, who are afraid, who deny the magic in our world. I could go on, but I think you get my point.

Your guess is as good as mine!
Maybe they feel threatened, inferior, or any host of things. I don't know. What I do know is,

the Aura stealers are out there and I'm their target.

SO... what to do?

I'm working on that.
I've had enough and then some.

Are there Aura stealers in your life?

How are, or, did you handle them?



Why should I have to fit in anyway?

This story is not over.

Till next time.


Friday, October 22, 2010

New Do & Ready For The Shoe, I Mean Show!

I got my NEW DO!!!!
OMG the shampoo was wonderful, total head massage, I just closed my eyes & wished it would go on forever! I love me a good head massage, for sure. I think it would be worth the cost just to go once a week for the shampoo. Hum....

Magical Transporting Stuff Shoes
 my witch costume is in order & everything show wise was magically transported to the show venue.
Now all I have to do is show up tomorrow and arrange the product very prettily to generate sales.
I even bought some candy to pass out!
Wish me luck!

The Witch is Back


No work today, well not for someone else anyway.
Today will be spent getting everything packed for tomorrow's show, taking care of the last minute details & GETTING MY HAIR DONE!
I haven't had my hair done since last year about this time. I've been growing said hair out & now it's time for a trim & much needed style with some color thrown in for good measure.
Oh, that pesky gray! I'm too young for gray!  
I am sooo looking forward to someone else brushing, washing & generally fiddling with my hair!
I am so excited, a whole new me, well on the outside anyway.

I thought I might dress differently for this show since I'll have a NEW DO. It is very close to Halloween, so
maybe some kind of costume is in order?
I have the really cool witch hat, a black skirt with a pointy hem, some black lace gloves, a black fringed shawl, a black scrunchy blouse, the snake necklace....
OK, witch it is!


The full moon is making me crazy!!
What do you think, should I dress up?
This show(Texas Country Reporter) generates a lot of press, maybe I'll be featured on the nightly news or in some newspaper! One can always dream.

Got to go & get my new DO.

Till next time.....

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Just Chillin...

Nate cooking breakfast

We had a great show yesterday, sold lots of soap etc....
This morning we are just trying to take it easy, having a leisurely breakfast to start our day. I've been teaching my grandson Nate how to cook biscuits ( I say biskits, spell ckeck says biscuits) & gravy with fried eggs on the side. He really enjoys making the gravy, adding the herbs & seasonings. He's learning to identify the different herbs that I grow & how to use them in cooking.
You never know what's going to be added to the gravy... dill, rosemary, oregano, thyme, sage or all of the above! I know it sounds weird but it always turns out great. He loves to medley the herbs for his special jar of,    SUPER NATE SPICE!!!    Who knows, he might be a great chef some day.    Steve is going to make some corn bread to go with the HUGE pot of beans he made Friday. Half of the beans for cornbread & beans the other half for chili. Don't have any ground meat, but there's some cooked roast in the freezer we can dice up to put in the chili. I guess you know what we are eating this week!

Nate cutting herbs,

lots & lots of  herbs!

Got to go unload the truck so I can inventory the product, make more ETC....
Till next time....

Friday, October 15, 2010

Soap, Soap & More Soap


Time just got away from me.
Fall is one of our busiest times for The Soap Co.
I have 2 more shows for this month, 1 in November & 1 in December.
Needless to say there has been a lot of soap making going on at this place.
Last week we were at Cedar Hill's Country Day & tomorrow we'll be at The Ennis Fall Festival.
I love doing the shows! Everyone has a party attitude & I get an opportunity to see a myriad of other crafts & talk to a lot of great people. 

  In the booth next to us at Cedar Hill there was a 15 yr. old girl who did Duct Tape crafts. She had wallets, headbands, beautiful roses with long stems that you could wrap around your wrist to fashion a bracelet....
I was pretty impressed with her, at 15 she is running her own business with an Etsy Shop to boot.
She wanted some of my products, I wanted some of hers, so we traded. There's always trading going on amongst the crafters. My friend Loretta came by for some soap & I got some of her corn relish & apricot raisin chutney. 

We had a really good show &  I'm looking forward to tomorrow's, but right now I have to go & make some body butters & bath oils.
Till next time,

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Canton First Monday & Frugal ideas

I can't believe I slept soooo late, almost 9:30, all that walking at First Monday I guess.
Half the day is gone already!

Yesterday at First Monday
I wanted to take a few photos of all the great crafts, but it was so crowded in the sheds, there was no way!
We headed out on to the grounds for a little junking. (not nearly as crowded)

My friend Irma was with us & she's working on cross crafts, so we scouted for the parts & pieces she needed.  (You take different sizes & shapes of wooden crosses, somehow attach them together, then decorate in various ways.) She's making these for a craft fair in November to benefit The Cancer Society.
Here's one she found already painted.  That thing next to it in the cart is a gourd. She wants to decorate/paint it for Halloween.        
I collect dishware so that's what I was looking for. I found this cute Tea/Coffee Pot with the 2 cups & the sugar bowl. (NOTE) They are sitting atop THE RUNZA RECIPE. (a reminder to try the recipe again today)

Steve's mom, Annette was with us also, she likes to buy clothes & jewelry. She got a pretty green sweater & a necklace to match.
Steve found a fruit vendor & scored 8 pints of strawberries for $8.00. I'm thinking jam, preserves, maybe even freeze some for muffins or pancakes. (gave some to mom too)

Mom & Steve
We didn't stay too late, Irma had to get back & help out at the concessions for the football game.
Mom is 83 so we had to be mindful of that also.
We all had a good time & I got to take a few photos.

Fall is here

Bottle Tree

My frugal ideas for today
1. freeze way to ripe bananas for later use in smoothies, muffins, bread ETC
2. freeze stale chips, bread, cornbread to use in stuffing/dressing
3. save the water from boiling your chicken & freeze or can for later use as stock
4. simmer the washed celery ends, onion skins, garlic skins, ETC in a pot of water to make a veggie stock, freeze or can
5. if you have dogs, scatter the vacuum canister contents around the veggie garden, keeps the rabbits away

Feel free to share your frugal/smart ideas.
I'm headed to the kitchen for a day of cooking. Probably need to vacuum also!

Till next time
P.S. Even thou it's called first monday,
trade days last all weekend.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Canton First Monday

First Monday here we come

We're off to First Monday Trade Days. Not looking for anything in particular, just like to go.
In addition to all the junk vendors, Canton also has what they call "sheds" where there's plenty of
handcrafted items. It's like a free art show. There are so many talented people with great imaginations. 

Maybe I'll find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!
Hope you guys have a great day!!