Saturday, October 2, 2010

Canton First Monday & Frugal ideas

I can't believe I slept soooo late, almost 9:30, all that walking at First Monday I guess.
Half the day is gone already!

Yesterday at First Monday
I wanted to take a few photos of all the great crafts, but it was so crowded in the sheds, there was no way!
We headed out on to the grounds for a little junking. (not nearly as crowded)

My friend Irma was with us & she's working on cross crafts, so we scouted for the parts & pieces she needed.  (You take different sizes & shapes of wooden crosses, somehow attach them together, then decorate in various ways.) She's making these for a craft fair in November to benefit The Cancer Society.
Here's one she found already painted.  That thing next to it in the cart is a gourd. She wants to decorate/paint it for Halloween.        
I collect dishware so that's what I was looking for. I found this cute Tea/Coffee Pot with the 2 cups & the sugar bowl. (NOTE) They are sitting atop THE RUNZA RECIPE. (a reminder to try the recipe again today)

Steve's mom, Annette was with us also, she likes to buy clothes & jewelry. She got a pretty green sweater & a necklace to match.
Steve found a fruit vendor & scored 8 pints of strawberries for $8.00. I'm thinking jam, preserves, maybe even freeze some for muffins or pancakes. (gave some to mom too)

Mom & Steve
We didn't stay too late, Irma had to get back & help out at the concessions for the football game.
Mom is 83 so we had to be mindful of that also.
We all had a good time & I got to take a few photos.

Fall is here

Bottle Tree

My frugal ideas for today
1. freeze way to ripe bananas for later use in smoothies, muffins, bread ETC
2. freeze stale chips, bread, cornbread to use in stuffing/dressing
3. save the water from boiling your chicken & freeze or can for later use as stock
4. simmer the washed celery ends, onion skins, garlic skins, ETC in a pot of water to make a veggie stock, freeze or can
5. if you have dogs, scatter the vacuum canister contents around the veggie garden, keeps the rabbits away

Feel free to share your frugal/smart ideas.
I'm headed to the kitchen for a day of cooking. Probably need to vacuum also!

Till next time
P.S. Even thou it's called first monday,
trade days last all weekend.


Nancy@el vigilante said...

Looks like you and your family had a very nice day -- and scored some really good bargains to boot. I love flea markets -- but I'm getting to the point I have no more room for those types of treasures. Thanks for the frugal tips as well. I'll definitely try freezing bananas. Seems they always ripen before I'm ready to use them. Have a great weekend!

Terry M Scott said...

Thanks Nancy, tried the runza again today-tasty!

sawn61 said...

Terry, when you mentioned bananas, I remembered the deep fried bananas we had at the fest this last week end. They were really good. They were dipped in a batter which tasted kinda sweet, then deep fried.They had chocolate syrup to drizzle over them, but we didn't get to taste that since we snitched a piece from some of the family,but if I make them at home, I will try the syrup on top.