Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trains, Traffic and Trying Times, OH MY!

It has definitely been trying times around here.

We sold our house in Ennis.... We bought another house in Waxahachie....
I found a job.... Hubby lost a job....   Hubby found another job....

As to selling the house....
Trying to keep a home "show ready"
and maintaining a normal life is next to impossible.
Keep in mind that a normal life for me
is running a soap factory and a sewing factory in my home.
Five sewing machines just doesn't look normal,
neither does the bread rack that I dry my soap on,
 or the show props, or the other ga-zillion things that go along with the businesses....
We sold  the house,
Ennis House
must have been normal enough.

Ever try to sell a house and buy a house at the same time?
I don't recommend it....
We had a fantastic real estate agent who made it all happen!

The new house.... Upside....
Charming, 1940's Craftsman style home, within walking distance of everything.
Two miles from my job, one point eight miles from his job.
Grocery market, historic downtown, post office, cleaners, thrift store,
everything so close....

The new house.... Downside....
Train noise, traffic in town, sirens, neighbors, postage stamp size front yard.
When the only noise you're used to is cows bellowing to be fed,
 town can be somewhat of a sensory overload.
We're adjusting....

Up next?
The new job.

Till next time,