Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Need Some Warmth So I'm Making Biscotti

Oh My....

It's cold in this house.

I noticed it late yesterday evening and wondered,
why isn't the heater kicking on.

I'm thinking,

maybe the hubby programmed the thermostat too low?
I checked, it was 65 degrees. It’s suppose to be 69 degrees.

Still thinking…

Ok, I’ll bypass the preset and take the chill off.
The heater does not click on at all.
Not good.
Hubby is already asleep, no help there.
So I throw another quilt on the bed,
get into some warm jammies, snuggle under
and decide to worry about it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is today.

I informed the hubby of the dilemma this morning.
His advice?
Let’s just wait and see if it gets any better this evening.
Like I said,


My advise?
Call someone today and set up an appointment for tomorrow.

See if it gets better?
It doesn’t have the flu.

By the way, it didn’t get better.
It’s still 65 degrees and the Tech will be here in the morning.
So I turned the oven on and made some biscotti.

My first time, obviously I need more practice.
It tastes super yummy but ….
I ate too much.
Now I have a tummy ache.

Till next time,
Trust me, it won't get better!

Friday, November 25, 2011

No Turkey Day Just Yet!!

Our family Thanksgiving will be on Sunday at Steve's Mom's house.
I took the free day to ready for our last show of the season,
get the newest Boutique order together
and also to work on handmade Christmas gifts.
I have a lot of ideas for cookie/ brownie/ biscotti mixes in a jar,
chocolate coated pretzels, handmade candy, flavored coffee creamer etc.
Also sewing up a few things.

First up,
for the show,
mini, reversible stockings, free with a $25.00 purchase.

To be used in place of a gift bag.
Drew the template on computer paper and got into my fabric stash.
 Each stocking took about 1/4 yard of fabric per side,

In progress

finished size is 9 1/2" tall by 7 1/2" wide

Time to tuck one into the other.

Finished stockings.

Next up are the Christmas gifts.
Placemats & napkins.

Side 1

Other side.

Up-cycled jacket as a dish towel.

Ugly jacket, cool fabric.

Cool dish towel.

Wire basket.
Found this cool wire mesh basket in a thrift shop.
A little spray paint made it good as new!
 I plan on putting a loaf of home made sweet bread in it.
Maybe put a cloth napkin first, then the bread, then tie with a ribbon or two?

Boutique order.

Mini soaps.

Half size bars that are encased in a cello bag.
I market these as stocking stuffers at Christmas.
In the spring they become camping/travel bars.

If you have any thoughts for handmade gift items
please share. I need more ideas!

Till next time,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bustin Arse (AKA, making product)

I know, I know, I've been absent in blog land!!!
The fall shows have taken over, 
one more to go and I'm finished for the year!

The Texas Country reporter show was fantastic.
We sold mega amounts of product (good) .
Yesterday we had a smaller show
which depleted my inventory even more (bad).

So now I'm scrambling to replace said product
 for the Christmas Market in December.

Today I made five - twenty bar batches of soap
and have plans on making four more batches
during the week.
I'ts doable, and I'll just squeak in
under the cure time allotment.

Nathan is due in on the 18th so I shall enlist his
help on making and packaging the other products.
He's pretty well versed on the workings of the soap co.
and has even told me that when I die he's taking over!
I guess he thinks he's Brad Pitt in - Fight Club!

Don't remember if I mentioned...
Got another wholesale account,
Maybe soon I can leave the surreal world of people-eaters
and concentrate on the homestead duties.  
Maybe even get to bed at a decent hour?
There's always hope...

Oh yeah,
I rolled out a new product this last week.
Brown Sugar Body Polish!!!
(Think sugar scrub with a fancy name).

Brown Sugar Body Polish
Well it's after nine here in Texas
and I do have to work tomorrow...
I'll try to catch up on everyone's doings at lunch
during the week, can't wait to see what you' all
have been up to!!!

Till next time,
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!
Oh wait,
no trouble, just toil and bubbles!