Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Need Some Warmth So I'm Making Biscotti

Oh My....

It's cold in this house.

I noticed it late yesterday evening and wondered,
why isn't the heater kicking on.

I'm thinking,

maybe the hubby programmed the thermostat too low?
I checked, it was 65 degrees. It’s suppose to be 69 degrees.

Still thinking…

Ok, I’ll bypass the preset and take the chill off.
The heater does not click on at all.
Not good.
Hubby is already asleep, no help there.
So I throw another quilt on the bed,
get into some warm jammies, snuggle under
and decide to worry about it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is today.

I informed the hubby of the dilemma this morning.
His advice?
Let’s just wait and see if it gets any better this evening.
Like I said,


My advise?
Call someone today and set up an appointment for tomorrow.

See if it gets better?
It doesn’t have the flu.

By the way, it didn’t get better.
It’s still 65 degrees and the Tech will be here in the morning.
So I turned the oven on and made some biscotti.

My first time, obviously I need more practice.
It tastes super yummy but ….
I ate too much.
Now I have a tummy ache.

Till next time,
Trust me, it won't get better!


Lynda said...

Oh No!! Cross you fingers: same thing happened to us last week...we had to have a whole new unit installed: YIKES!!! $$$$$ and just before Christmas!

sawn48 said...

Not real familiar with biscotti,but looks delicious.Maybe with a cup of hot something. Like Tea, Coffee,or Hot chocolate.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Hope your furnace gets well soon! :)