Friday, November 25, 2011

No Turkey Day Just Yet!!

Our family Thanksgiving will be on Sunday at Steve's Mom's house.
I took the free day to ready for our last show of the season,
get the newest Boutique order together
and also to work on handmade Christmas gifts.
I have a lot of ideas for cookie/ brownie/ biscotti mixes in a jar,
chocolate coated pretzels, handmade candy, flavored coffee creamer etc.
Also sewing up a few things.

First up,
for the show,
mini, reversible stockings, free with a $25.00 purchase.

To be used in place of a gift bag.
Drew the template on computer paper and got into my fabric stash.
 Each stocking took about 1/4 yard of fabric per side,

In progress

finished size is 9 1/2" tall by 7 1/2" wide

Time to tuck one into the other.

Finished stockings.

Next up are the Christmas gifts.
Placemats & napkins.

Side 1

Other side.

Up-cycled jacket as a dish towel.

Ugly jacket, cool fabric.

Cool dish towel.

Wire basket.
Found this cool wire mesh basket in a thrift shop.
A little spray paint made it good as new!
 I plan on putting a loaf of home made sweet bread in it.
Maybe put a cloth napkin first, then the bread, then tie with a ribbon or two?

Boutique order.

Mini soaps.

Half size bars that are encased in a cello bag.
I market these as stocking stuffers at Christmas.
In the spring they become camping/travel bars.

If you have any thoughts for handmade gift items
please share. I need more ideas!

Till next time,


denimflyz said...

I do little baskets that I find in the thrisft shops here, and then bring them home, wash them to clean them up, let them dry, then I place herb mixes in them, you could do bath baskets, if you could find terrycloth or something to use as a face cloth.
I did a few of these baskets for farmer's market here, and they were a hit, only I used my dried herb mixes, and then I found a few cheap pepper grinders and a few herb holders that you put in the frig to keep your herbs fresh.
Everything here is homemade or handmade, zero money to do much with. I love handmade gifts. They are from the heart and soul of the giver. If I think of anything else, I will post a comment. Right now, I cannot think too much. I used to be in the craft business and needlepoint business about 10 yrs ago, and I have lost touch with ideas.
Have a Wonderful Sunday Thanksgiving to you and your family. Enjoy!

denimflyz said...

Sorry for the typo. I am trying to type, with no desk light, and not enough coffee! LOL
Have a great day.

Lynda said...

Terry thought of you often last weekend: Our 24th Holiday Faire...only one soap lady!! You would have made *bank*! She had some wonderful men's soaps that just flew off the shelves: Mechanics Blend (it was already their dirty hands didn't mess up the soap) and an outdoorsman soap in shades of brown that smelled of pine and spice: yummy! Also another vendor had the mixes: brownies, chocolate lava cakes,soup, and dips...all very nice. Love your idea of the free gift *bags*...very cute.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Tkanks for the ideas Denim. I found a few baskets that I'm going to try and use. I've thought of packaging my dried herbs too, just haven't found the time. What is the thing for fresh herbs in the fridge?

Hey Lynda, maybe I'll try the mechanics soap- what did it smell like? I do several mens soaps, maybe I need to market them differently?

Inger said...

Oh, what talented friend I have! These are just great, Terry>

sawn48 said...

Terry,I craft for fun. No big rush here,but you are amazing. You get more accomplished in a day than I do,in a month. If it were not for visiting so many funeral homes, I could work on some of my Christmas plans and ideas.We have lost several friends here lately.I am so thankful,our family has been untouched by such tragedy,here at Christmastime.Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

The stockings are so cute! What a fabulous idea. :) Hope you enjoyed your belated Thanksgiving, Terry.