Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Crazy Handmade Doll

Just a crazy doll I made.
Handmade Doll
The body fabric, which is pretty loud, 
has umbrellas printed all over it so I chose
 more subtle fabrics for her dress and pantaloons.
I sewed a piece of crochet edging to her forehead to represent a crown,
and the hair is three different colors of yarns with some pink ribbon thrown it.

Handmade doll
Handmade Doll posing with Carl's Sewing Machine
Now if I could just teach her how to sew!

if anyone has a users manual for this machine that they would like to share?????
From what I can gather on the net,
 it's a Sewmor brand that Carl's put their name on.

Till next time, keep creating,