Friday, October 22, 2010

New Do & Ready For The Shoe, I Mean Show!

I got my NEW DO!!!!
OMG the shampoo was wonderful, total head massage, I just closed my eyes & wished it would go on forever! I love me a good head massage, for sure. I think it would be worth the cost just to go once a week for the shampoo. Hum....

Magical Transporting Stuff Shoes
 my witch costume is in order & everything show wise was magically transported to the show venue.
Now all I have to do is show up tomorrow and arrange the product very prettily to generate sales.
I even bought some candy to pass out!
Wish me luck!


Nancy@el vigilante said...

1. We want to see your new do!
2. Sounds like you really have everything ready for your shoe, I mean show! Good luck!!

heather said...

mom, your hair seemed to give you a vibrancy i havnt seen in some time. you are beautiful & i am priviledged to be your daughter.
the witch costume was KOOL by the way

Terry M Scott said...

Nancy-New Do photo soon, rained most of the day at the Shoe, Oh Show so no DO photos yet.

Love you Heather, I will blog about your Alaskan adventure!!!
You are so lucky, no gloomy house for you!!!