Saturday, October 30, 2010

Someone's Trying To Steal My Aura!!!

I've been thinking about it for quite some time now.
You go through life being who you are, improving when you can, keeping what you like, changing what you don't. Sounds like a good plan to me.
BUT, the people around you have other ideas. I'm talking about the mean people, the toxic ones.

Let me set the stage.
Heather, my daughter
Harry, soon to be son-in-law
Steve, my husband
I, me
Rose, woman
Magic, everywhere
cute cafe, Historic Downtown Waxahachie

Heather, Harry, Steve & I were having a late lunch in a cute little downtown cafe.
Just chatting, enjoying each others company. We were approached by a woman who claimed to know Harry. After much discussion it was decided that she didn't. Then she turned her attention to Steve & I, talking about our Aura's, telling us we were Indigo Children. She wanted us to visit a cafe she frequented. The Enterprise....  A cafe where people like us hang. She also wanted us to visit her Church, a New Age Church in Dallas. She chatted with us a while, talking about new age, aura's, stuff. All this wicky talk was making Heather nervous. After giving me her contact info she left.
Heather was going on about the woman being weird, telling me, don't even think about going to that church, ETC,ETC,ETC.
I did try to contact the woman via email. No luck.
That was about 7 years ago.

The reason I bring this story up....
I am,
a very flamboyant person.
I have tried to fit in, really. I have.

Let me just say, there are people in my life who want to steal my Aura. Who are actively trying to make me miserable, who never say a kind word, who point out my every mistake, who never acknowledge my triumphs, who are afraid, who deny the magic in our world. I could go on, but I think you get my point.

Your guess is as good as mine!
Maybe they feel threatened, inferior, or any host of things. I don't know. What I do know is,

the Aura stealers are out there and I'm their target.

SO... what to do?

I'm working on that.
I've had enough and then some.

Are there Aura stealers in your life?

How are, or, did you handle them?



Why should I have to fit in anyway?

This story is not over.

Till next time.



Nancy @ el vigilante said...

Everyone has aura stealers, as you call them ... I usually kill them with kindness or ignore them, depending upon who they are and whether I want to continue the relationship.

Life is too short to be concerned about people who want to change you into something they are comfortable with. :)

brendie said...

ooh boy, those last coments are just like it was with my "EX" loved me (so he said) but i had to change "everything" that i liked about myself, funny that. didnt like my friends didnt like my generous nature, didnt like the way i dressed, didnt like me spending time with my get it. years ago i also had a "bestfriend" like that too, who drained me....and guess what? painfull as it was at the time they are both EXs. it was painfull but also a big weight off my shoulders. i wrote a map of who i was. i started with me in the centre of a piece of paper, and drew lines off it with bubbles of who i was, what was important to me, then i wrote a description of the perfect partner, then went off and found him...on the internet lol. luckily it worked out. sometimes you have to "divorce" bad friendships, put them to rest and move on, or at least put them in their place. we always have differences of opinions with others, but if its like swimming upstream you are going in the wrong direction, and need to make a turn.

Maddie Lumpkin said...

I decided a few years ago that I just wasn't going to spend time with people that I didn't enjoy being with. Life is too short to waste it on those that make you miserable.I like myself a whole lot better now too!!!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

I have tried the kindness, ignoring, also have a few exes too.
My sisters, daughters all have been saying the same.
you all are right, time to move on.
Just have to figure out how.