Friday, October 22, 2010

The Witch is Back


No work today, well not for someone else anyway.
Today will be spent getting everything packed for tomorrow's show, taking care of the last minute details & GETTING MY HAIR DONE!
I haven't had my hair done since last year about this time. I've been growing said hair out & now it's time for a trim & much needed style with some color thrown in for good measure.
Oh, that pesky gray! I'm too young for gray!  
I am sooo looking forward to someone else brushing, washing & generally fiddling with my hair!
I am so excited, a whole new me, well on the outside anyway.

I thought I might dress differently for this show since I'll have a NEW DO. It is very close to Halloween, so
maybe some kind of costume is in order?
I have the really cool witch hat, a black skirt with a pointy hem, some black lace gloves, a black fringed shawl, a black scrunchy blouse, the snake necklace....
OK, witch it is!


The full moon is making me crazy!!
What do you think, should I dress up?
This show(Texas Country Reporter) generates a lot of press, maybe I'll be featured on the nightly news or in some newspaper! One can always dream.

Got to go & get my new DO.

Till next time.....


Tricha said...

You should dress up for sure. You will be so adorable/fabulous in your costume.

Have fun at your show and happy soap selling :)

Love ya

Terry M Scott said...

Thanks Tricha, I am for sure, going to dress up. I'll take photos & post them.
I read your post about the party plans, looks like it's going to be a very pretty & fun event for the little ones. You guys have a great party & tell everyone I love & miss them. Take lots of photos to post. Love ya!!!