Wednesday, July 11, 2012



I'm still at the sewing machine, (I love my sewing machine)
but this time I'm making dolls.

I think handmade dolls are cool. 
 On the one hand you have the mass produced dolls,
bland with no personality, all the same faces, clothes, and they smell funny...

On the other hand you can use one doll pattern and come up with
so many variations of handmade dolls, no two look alike.
And who says the body has to be a plain muslin fabric?
Why not black, or brown, or in this case yellow with flowers?
Scan the pattern to vary the finished size, use crazy yarn for the hair,
tiny roses for the eyes and mouth....
The possibilities are endless!

So, here we have it, or should I say her?


Her clothes

Her skirt was a blouse that I picked up at the thrift store.
I really liked the pin tucking and thought I might use the piece for a bag.
Rose had other ideas!
Her eyes and mouth are little roses, and, as you can see,
her hair is a flaming red!
Once I had her body finished she pretty much told me
how she wanted to be dressed and how she wanted her hair done.

My husband said she looks like she has a Port-wine stain.  
 (flat purple-to-red birthmarks made of dilated blood capillaries.
These birthmarks occur most often on the face and may vary in size.
Port-wine stains often are permanent (unless treated).

That never even crossed my mind as I was laying out the pattern pieces.
I chose to put that flower there.
Perhaps the powers that be directed my hands in anticipation
of a little girl with the same birthmark finding Rose.
And if that occurs I'll give her Rose.

Miss Ivy
I sold Miss Ivy at my last show to a middle aged woman,
I'm just saying....

Well, my sewing machine is calling....
Who cares if the grass is knee high and the floors are full of dog hair!
I need to create.

Blogger is underlining things and generally not doing as I command.
So.... I'm just gonna hope for the best and go with it!

Till next time,


Lynda said...

You sure brought back some memories! I used to make dolls in the 80's! I loved them. This post and the apron post make me start eyeing my sewing machine...the poor neglected machine in the corner of the Great Room...I think she's beckoning me...well I know what I'm doing this weekend! BTW: The dolls are awesome!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks x 2 Lynda!
You are a very busy woman with the garden and hives but...
The sewing machine is an awesome friend who soothes the soul!
Happy sewing!!!!

sawn48 said...

Your dolls are fabulous! We are of like minds today. I,too was thinking of doing some sewing.I picked up a hand sewn cat yesterday for the cute pattern. I thought it would be so cute made from various materials, and that way I could use up some of my supplies:fabric,ruffles,lace,
buttons,ribbons,etc.Maybe I'll post a picture.

librarianism said...

These dolls are adorable! I'm glad they are finding homes so quickly! I remember when you had homemade dolls lining your walls and staircase. Every single one had different fashion and personality. So much more fun than rows of identical super model dolls.

Stacey said...

These dolls are absolutely gorgeous! I love that they have so much character. I really hope that Rose finds her little girl.