Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Lost my job and found my life!

Unfortunately I still need a job.....
Wish me luck on the employment search!

I love this mesquite tree.
Right beneath it lives a patch of wild blackberries.

Till next time,



Lynda said...

So sorry about the job loss..that sucks. I closed the door on my Real Estate business in 2007. I was so bummed out I didn't do anything the first year, second year started the Community Garden and a Certified Farmers Market. Third year super expanded my home garden and canning. I applied for dozens of jobs and was always told I was over qualified. Then on a fluke I applied for my substitute school cook I'm the head Cook. 6 hours a day, good pay and summer off (with pay). What kind of work were you doing?

sawn48 said...

Been a bit busy with getting ready to take Vicki home with all of her "goodies" she's taking back to her home in N.Car.She's taking so much back for her to continue on with her crafting for her daughter's booth,they have had to rent a storage unit to hold it all. I hope our truck holds it all, to get it back there. It has lightened my stash of supplies a bit though, so that is a good thing.I think!I hope! It's hard to part with a lot of my fabric and such, but I am getting buried by it(among other things...I collect so much)I know you will be enjoying your free time for a while,but if going back to work is what you need to do, then I hope you find something you love to do,then it won't seem so much like work.