Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good Day At The Market

Mucho Soap!

We were finally able to get back to the Waxahachie Farmer's Market
after two weekends of rain outs.
Not complaining... Just saying!

We're reaching a whole new demographic at this venue,
not just the handmade craft seekers. Actual customers that want
the more natural alternative to the store bought soaps and bath products.

We've only been at this location a few months but we are
experiencing a repeat customer base here as well,
and as a bonus we're also getting more,
my sister, mother, friend told me about your products, referrals.
How cool is that?
You know you have a good product when you get referrals!
So I'm totally happy/thrilled/grateful about this aspect of our venture!
Eight years of serious dedication is starting to pay off.

On another note...

Since I am currently not employed/ punching anyone else's clock,
I've had more time to create in other ways.
I do love to sew, bead, repurpose, imagine...

Mini bag
Today I sold two aprons and a mini bag.
They are on their way to Japan!
Thank you lovely Japanese ladies,
who oo-ed and awed over my sewn creations.
I am so grateful!

The other apron didn't get photo-ed, that I can find, but thank you Sue
for the fabric/valance on this one!

Grilling tomorrow, still too hot for inside cooking.
50 cents each for large, colored bell peppers and 50 cents for a 12 ounce tomato,
$3.oo for the sweetest cantaloupe.
Still working through that half, grass fed cow!

Till next time, be grateful,


heather said...

Perseverance pays off my beautiful mother. So proud of you

Jess said...

I'm so glad your soap business is doing well. Have you ever thought of selling online? Keep us updated.

Stacey said...

I'm glad that selling at the markets is going so well for you! That mini-bag is adorable, and it's so exciting that it's on the way to Japan!

Sue from Ky. said...

You're quite welcome. I may gather up a few more goodies and send them your way. It helps me to thin down my stash. I have been doing a bit of that by making the pencil holder cans for Leah, which I thorough enjoy.Who knew it would be so much fun decorating tin cans.

We took the two daughters out for their birthday dinner on Friday night, and the waitresses were all wearing aprons that looked so much like some of yours. I don't get out that much, but you evidentally see what's popular in the world and are able to make new trendy items,that will sell easily. You are so lucky that way.

Inger said...

I love the things you made. Have you thought about selling on Etsy or somewhere else online? Are those your soaps? Anyway, congratulations on the referrals and for business beginning to take off. And you can send some of that rain to California next time it shows up. We need it here.

librarianism said...

Sounds like things are going really well! Yea!!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderful display of your soap ~ so glad they are selling well ~ very creative sewing ~ (A Creative Harbor)

thanks for coming by and 'commenting' ~ ^_^

brendie said...

Im in love with that apron. gorgeous.