Sunday, September 2, 2012

Grill Up Bonanza

Market goodies

This is the some of the produce I bought
yesterday at the market.
We did a grill up today with a sirloin steak, ribs, a small pork loin,
dogs, (no, not the pet kind) those beauties, Ý cantaloupe and bananas.

Here's the run down/method.

Hubby marinated the steak and pork loin in olive oil.

He also pre-cooked the ribs in the slow cooker with French's
Worcestershire sauce, (try to spell that without the bottle in front of you)
soy sauce, Louisiana hot sauce and some water.
When they were ready to grill he took them out of the cooking liquid
and put hickory smoked b-b-q sauce on them.
(I saved the cooking liquid in freezer containers for later use
in soups and stews this winter).

Dogs and cantaloupe
He cut and peeled the cantaloupe, cut into crescents and marinated 
one half (about 6 slices) in some juice from our canned jalapeños.
The other half of the melon, (also about 6 slices) 
were sprinkled with lemon pepper and chili powder.

I decided to cut the bananas length wise and douse them with maple syrup.

Maple syrup bananas
A couple packages of the dogs were coated in hickory smoked b-b-q sauce,
the others were left plain.

The tomato and colored bell peppers were sliced and grilled plain.

The critique...

The steak, ribs and loin were good,
 if I would have been grilling them,
I would have taken them off sooner.
I'm more of a medium rare to medium person.
Dogs were perfect!

I liked the jalapeño ones best!
You'll just have give them a go, they won't disappoint.
Easy to grill in the fish griller with no sticking.

Veggies were perfect, slightly crisp and sweet tasting.
No sticking in the fish griller.

OMG, so good you just can't imagine.
When I do bananas again I'll buy them a little more greener/firmer.
It was tricky getting them out of the fish griller whole.
Maybe oil the fish griller also?

The hubby did most of the work and I was so appreciative.
He's a pretty good cook.
The "pet" dogs were also appreciative for the rib bones :-)

I was otherwise occupied with making jelly.
I'll let you know how that turned out.

Till next time, grill,
it'll keep your house cooler/ save electricity.

Twice, during this post when I clicked enter
to go to the next line, blogger posted instead of
moving to the next line.
I've been having nothing but problems
since they updated.
How about you?


heather said...

Harry & I were going to grill hamburgers yesterday but all the grills were taken by3 large groups of ppl celebrating the holiday weekend. :( So panfried burgers it was.

Sue from Ky. said...

Nice meal,Terry,otherwise,I'm too upset and frustrated to comment regarding your last question!!!!!