Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seriously, Serious Thoughts

I ran across a blog the other night & was immediately drawn to it. There was only 1 post.
The content was her life & how being gay was affecting it.
I can relate to being different. I have always been different.
Being a leftie has it's challenges, being dyslexic has it's challenges,
being me & all that entails  has it's challenges.
There are people out there who want you to conform,
this is the trend of the world.
It reminds me of an Ayn Rand novel, ( I think the title was Atlas Shrugged ) or perhaps Ira levin's This Perfect Day. Everyone has to be the same. That's not the way the real world works, we are all unique as per God's design. I will continue to be me & I hope Zoya will continue to be herself.
The ones who try to force you to conform are afraid I think,
not willing to take risks.
Life is a risk, embrace it. Be you !

The Lottery!!!
I want to win the lottery, I have prayed to God to win.
I want to give the money to my loved ones, My Church,
to people who are losing their homes, anywhere it can do good.
Till next time
 P.S. Thank goodness for spell check! (dyslexic)

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Willow's Dream said...

Hey Terry,
Good thoughts. I agree.