Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I found thrifting

As I said the other day, I skipped out on work & went thrifting.
I love to find cute clothes for next to nothing. I found these Capri's at big thrift in Waxahachie for $2.50.
They're Newport News Brand. They're a little too big so I just pinned them at the waist. I should have paired them with a belt. (Next time.)

Next I was off to Soul's Harbor (also in Waxahachie,) They have a little bit of everything there, clothes, books, furniture you name it they got it!!!
I scored this bolt of fabric for $3.00
It's about 4 1/2 yards @ 49 " wide. Light  & dark pink with touches of green) It reminds me of a light weight chintz. Don't know what to do with it just yet but I'm sure something will turn up.

Also scored this way cool rolling chair for $5.00 (Looks circa 1950's to me) It's in pretty good shape, just needs some chrome paint. Maybe I will reupholster it with the new fabric.

I want it to match these. A totally cool Target find, on sale TYVM!!!

Also found a cool wrap skirt that I will post later.
Most of my home is furnished with used items that I have found here & there. I fix, paint, reupholster, & generally make old stuff new again. I have a few "regular store" pieces but not many. Why pay retail when you can customize used?
I'll post the progress on the rolling chair. 

Till next time.

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librarianism said...

Fun stuff! You are such a good deal finder.