Friday, July 16, 2010

Our fun filled day

 OK, lets get started!
Our first stop was the post office to mail off a soap order.
(thank you Frances)
Business before pleasure, I always say.

Next on the agenda was Roland's Nursery for a little cook out.

Here's Roland (our host) preparing some of the eats.
That man really knows how to BBQ. The menu included baby back ribs, chicken legs, steak, shrimp
& fish fillets. Side dishes were potato salad, chips, cookies & cherry cheesecake. WOW!!!
Thanks Roland, everything was super scrumptious!

Now for a little browsing.
This is a photo of my soap display at Roland's. (L)
This is a photo of Steve with my new Crepe Myrtle.(R) We wandered around a little enjoying all the cool stuff Roland has, like....

This way cool tractor,


          fish pond & some cool painted gourds.

This is a photo of both my grandson's.
Nate showing off as usual &
Brian being his usual cool self.

After thanking Roland for the great eats & letting us use his place for
our photo shoot we were off to the movies.

The Soccer's Apprentice!!!

Way cool special effects, love story & Nicolas Cage. What more could you ask for???
Had fun conversing with the couple in front of us before the movie too.
It's almost 100 degrees here so an inside day was definitely called for.

 My guys in front of the movie Pic.

OK, back to reality!!!
Trip to the grocery store, stopping off to get the LOTTERY TICKET, &amp on to the house.


Yep, that's a cow, well a baby cow, but still. This is not the first time we have seen this phenomenon. Pretty regular occurrence for out here actually. Usually it's a bigger cow though.

I guess the grass IS greener
on the other side.

Well, wish me luck on the LOTTERY.
Till next time...


Willow's Dream said...

what a cute cow!

sawn61 said...

I think it's a bull or a steer. He looks a little lank in the belly. Must have been hungry.