Saturday, July 17, 2010

That Snake

(OK, This is my snake belt, I couldn't find a good snake picture)

We have/had a family of wee birds nesting in a little niche on the front porch.
So, can you guess where this story is going?

The other day I was viewing some late night T.V.,
had to go to work the next day so it was time to let the dogs out for a bit, then go to bed.
I opened the door & out they went, I turned on the porch light & waited.
OK, time to come back, opening door, calling dogs, dogs coming back in, trying to shut door.
Why won't this door close? What's that thing hanging over the door knob? Almost touching that thing!! Pulling hand back very quickly when I realize what that thing is.

Quite a bit of screaming going on now.

Calming, finally getting door closed, peeking under shade.
That snake had to be at least 2 feet long & it was fat as heck.
(I measured the door from the knob to the floor, so I am not exaggerating!)
It was draped over the door knob like some insane Freak O decoration.
I can't believe the dogs ran right past it.
Although they did sniff the door knob for several days after.

I haven't seen those wee birds since.

Till next time,

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sawn61 said...

I didn't have one hanging from my door knob, but we do find them in the hen's nests,occasionally. I am afraid to gather the eggs after dark anymore.