Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No More Rocket Man


No more Rocket Man! (You remember the song? Elton John, lonely out here in space.) Maybe I need more vitamin D.
Anyway, on to more upbeat things.

I was forced to buy a vacuum this weekend. No, I wasn't kidnapped, no one held a gun to my head, never the less I was forced. I don't have carpeting, just a few area rugs here & there. Mostly I just sweep the floors & rugs or borrow Ginger's vac once in a while. I couldn't take it any longer, the dog hair was taking over!!!
It was everywhere, clinging to everything.
So I get it home & after assembling said vacuum I set to work. Moving furniture, ( is that a dog under the bed? No, just a pile of dog hair!!!)) lifting cushions, (What's that, popcorn kernels?) checking window sills, (EEW, dead bugs, don't even ask me about the ceiling fans!!! You name it I vacuumed it. Sweat dripping down my back, hair plastered to my face. Steve got out fast when he saw that look in my eyes!!!
3 hours later I was finished. Well, with the vacuuming anyway.
Maybe I should get the carpet steamer out & spiff up the rugs!!
OMG, I was possessed, like some crazed June Cleaver, steaming my little heart out, only I wasn't wearing pearls OR a dress.
You know those pictures in the decorating mags? The ones with the spotless homes, cute little short haired dog, nothing out of place? Not real. Nobody lives there. My house has 1 German Sheppard, (Lady) & 1 Black Lab. (RED),  finger prints on the doors & dirty mini blinds. That's the real deal.
And since I DID NOT win the lottery I guess I 'll just have to deal, with the real deal.
Till next time... Happy cleaning


Tricha said...

I can sooo understand about the dog fur. Our lab Tucker is like a walking pig pen. All he is missing is the pile of dust in his wake. I vacuumed the whole house today too and what do I find as I walk back up the hall....ANOTHER tuft of Dog fur. It is like he just shakes off a tuft or two to make sure we don't forget about him, not like we could since he is right behind us wherever we are. Silly Dog.

I think my next blog post will be about the NEVER ending laundry, you are never done, always more to wash. I should join a nudist colony just so I won't have to wash clothes.

Take Care
Love Ya

lauren said...

Grandma i love your blog!! Cute pic also!

sawn61 said...

Just make and hang you a sign:

So it's not the Cleaver House
Get Over It And Deal With It!