Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soap, Lots Of Soap!

When I'm out doing my soap shows,
I always get a few people asking about soap classes.
Sure I say, I teach,
then I give them the rundown.
For this price you will receive, this, this, that, that, etc.
Plan on spending this amount of time.

Most people think they want to learn, but generally they really don't.
It takes time and effort, it can be messy and costly.
It takes forethought, organization and research.
Lots and lots of research!

For me at least.
I did a lot of research,
downloading info on carrier oil properties,
learning about essential oils, botanical additions etc.

And the formula testing,
right amount of lather, long lasting, hard bar, moisturizing, gentleness....

I have a 3" notebook, full of info,
all neatly arranged in alphabetized categories, separated by labeled, index dividers.

My soap recipe/formula book is divided into sections also,
fruits, floral, spices and each section is also alphabetized.
Each scent has it's own recipe page and I keep detailed notes
every time I make a batch.

Super soap trolly
What can I say?
I'm extreme.
My daughters call it O.C.D.
I say, it's not a dis-order, it's order!!!
Should be called OCO instead.

I make about 24 different soaps and they need a place to cure.
I tried a shelving unit and that was ok but I knew I needed something more. Like this!!
I found this bread rack at Canton First Monday Trade Days
For $35.00. I had researched these online, cheapest was about
I knew I wanted one, just didn't want to spend so much.
$35.00, I was willing to do!
Makes a handy, dandy soap drying rack don't you think? I can wheel it where ever I need it to be, there's plenty of shelves, and it can hold about 28, 20 bar batches of soap. Super!

                        The reason I'm telling you all of this is because,
I actually did get to teach a class.
But, it's late, so that story will have to wait.

Till next time,


brendie said...

I want to know about how the class went? I think you are right, many people think they want to know but cant really be bothered, or are afraid of the processes. I love soap making, infact i shall be doing some tomorrow. That is a very cool shelf, well done on that score. do people like to buy big bars or smaller ones? ive been making round ones but they are a bugger to wrap and im thinking there is something more homely and rustic with a big rectangle chunk.

sawn48 said...

Terry, my hat is off to both, you and Brendie.You both do a great job. I haven't used Brendie's soap yet.It is wrapped so pretty,it's just sitting in a dish,I hate to open it. I had more of your soaps,Terry, since you sent me gift soap, and I ordered others,too.I had enough to set in a pretty dish and use some,too.I made plain old lye soap, once. That was all I needed for me to know it was a real chore. Your two keep making the lovely soaps.I'll keep playing with my other crafts. I envy your patience to make it.Plus it is very expensive, tedious, and time consuming.You must be really dedicated to make it all work out properly.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Brendie- My soaps are what would be called personal size
1 7/8 W x 2 3/4 L x 1 3/8 H perfect for a woman's hands.
Men ask about a bigger bar, that's when I tell them, you could always order a custom batch, your choice of scent, cut any way you wish!
I've even had a few takers. Generally they just buy the size I have. I also get a few requests for unscented (made a few custom of those also) and I think this fall I'll carry some in my inventory.
Women want more than 1 bar/scent so the smaller bar/price lets them purchase more bars. If I were selling bigger bars I would have to charge more which means I would sell less bars. My typical sale is 3 bars per person. I think I'm selling more this way, and I also do a 3, 6, 9, 12 for deal.
The packaging is a simple cigar band type wrapper, on colored, #24 paper.
If you're inclined to try the cigar band type wrapper, microsoft works is where I created it.
Hope this is helpful.
Probably should have put this in an Email!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hi Sue, soaping is not for everyone that's for sure.
I enjoy it most of the time.
It helps to have a system, aka, a production line mentality.

As to your crafts, in my area they would go over in a big way.
I've only seen 1 lady doing crochet. They're some doing woodcraft but not many.
I've been seeing a lot of aprons, mini quilts and grocery totes, some jam/jelly/pickled stuff.
Only thing with the food stuff, you have to have a board of health license, and here in Texas, you're not allowed to make it at home.