Friday, September 2, 2011

New Apron For The Soap Class!


Of course I needed a new bib apron for the soap class!
Couldn't be seen in the old one.
It's 2 years old at least!
Way too many times wiping/drying my hands on it.
(yes, I did wash it occasionally)

This should do nicely!!

Anyway... On to the class!

The first time, I let a lady come and watch me,
gave a little advice, and that was that.

My daughters about had a cow!!!

they said,
"you've done all the research, spent the time testing,
worked through all the bugs,
why are you giving your knowledge away for free"?

And you know what?
They were right!
So now I charge.

I talked to a mother and daughter at my last show who were interested
in learning and willing to pay,
I always knew, eventually, someone would come along. 
So I was ready with  my price and what they would receive.
hands on class
3- different soap recipes
1- 10 bar soap mold
10 bars of soap, any scent
essential oil info
oil, sap value chart
carrier oil info
and info on how to develop their own recipes
you bring, 1 towel and an apron

I developed and tested, 3 recipes/formulas using everyday market ingredients.
(Not everyone wants to go online and purchase specialty ingredients).

Next up was to compile a notebook with all the necessary info.
I bought really cute binders, made a table of contents, dividers
and filled it with info.
A soapers manual so to speak!

Cute notebook

BTW, I made the dividers and table
myself, using postcard stock and
DIY tabs.

I made 3 notebooks, 1 for each of us.
My hubby, Steve, made the molds.

I wish I could say everything went according to plan,
but alas, it didn't!
I forgot to print their recipes,
I had mine in my notebook,
but their recipe section had nothing.

The recipes were on the downed computer,
I have my copies, the other desktop has a scanner,
I know how to use it,
 sort of.
(This is turning out to be the Keystone Cops)!!!
I was so proud of myself, I figured it out!

They choose a recipe.
Now we're on to the actual weighing of ingredients,
choosing essential oils etc.
So far so good.
Lye is mixed, oils are being heated.

Now let me remind you,
 I'm working with 2 ladies, 2 measuring cups of  lye and 2 pots of oil!
Thermometers are thurming,
oils are heating, and they are asking!
They're suppose to be watching their thermometers!

My husband warned me,
one of the burners seems to be hotter than the others.
He just didn't say which.

Mom is watching hers,
just doesn't mention that the oil is registering
over 200 degrees, I just happened to look!
Oh crap, again!!
Daughters' is doing OK.

We had discussed this scenario, I was ready for it,
just didn't want it to happen on my watch.
I pulled the blue ice out from the freezer and set the pot on it.
Checked the lye temp.
Oh man, the lye is cooling way down but the oil isn't.
What to do, what to do?
I grabbed another soap pot from the rack,
cold pot has got to be better than a hot pot, right?
We're good.

Now to combine the oil and lye.
We did good here, only they were a little hesitent to really stir it up.
We were using a stick blender and a rubber spatula.
Circle 8's I was saying.
Hum, let me show you.
 We did manage.
We passed trace a bit for traveling purposes and everything turned out OK

All in all, they were great students and
forgave me my OOPSIES.

 It was fortunate that we did have a few problems.
I've been making soap for quite awhile now but it seems, 
everything has a learning curve,
and I don't know it all.
Go figure!
 Till next time, happy soaping.


sawn48 said...

Wow! You have been busy. That post along took some doing. And the Print Friendly button?Now that's a good idea. Never seen that before. You are learning new things by leaks and bounds.Don't you just love it though. I self teach myself a lot of things and I do enjoy learning new things.
Good luck on the classes. You'll make a great teacher,too.It appears OCD might not be a bad thing,if it helps others to be the perfectionist you are.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Love your new apron -- snazzy!

And don't feel too bad about your first venture into teaching... doing it yourself and showing someone else how to do it are two entirely different things. You'll get the hand of it -- sounds like a success to me!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Sue - I wanted the print button for when I do recipes. Now I can print my recipes. By the time I go to make a recipe again I have forgotten what I did, used ETC. Way easier than cutting and pasting!
As to learning, yep, I do love to learn new things, just takes time.

Hi Nancy - Usually, when I'm trying anything new I do a dry run.
New soap display? Set it up at the house first, take and print photos for reference.
I didn't have anyone to practice on for the soap class, oh well!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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