Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can Texas Be Saved From Stupid People?


There’s a little town named Reagor Springs,
that I pass through everyday on my way to and from work .
It has a couple of beer stores and that’s about it.
This was the go to place back in the day if you wanted beer.
 Just a little town situated between two bigger, dry towns.
The bigger towns are wet now, so Reagor doesn’t have much going on anymore.

But, if you look at it from another perspective, it really has quite a bit going on.

In the early spring this town is a beehive of activity.
 Farmers are in the fields, riding in giant, cab enclosed tractors.
They’re tilling under the winter’s green cover
in preparation for the summer’s cash crops, corn, maize and cotton.

Round about late July, early August, they started harvesting
the corn and maize. Even with the drought, I still saw
18 wheelers in the fields loading up for the trip to the gain mill.

Cotton field, May I think.
Now it’s cotton harvest time.
Cotton strippers are in the fields along with huge rectangle shaped boxes.
The boxes are like trash compactors.
The cotton strippers feed the cotton into the box and the box squishes it.
Pretty cool!

So now the fields are filled with these huge bales of cotton.
Future blue jeans and t shirts I suspect!


Yesterday, 250 acres of these fields were caught up in a wild fire.
Nothing you could see from the highway, it was back in, on the FM road.
My oldest grandson’s dad, uncles and papa farm some of these fields.
I don’t know if it was their’s or not, or even if there were crops on the land.

Today I was driving to work looking at all those bales, and thinking.
I hope they get them out soon, before anything else happens!
The farmers are depending on the money these bales are going to bring in.

What the hell...

“Did you see that“, I asked my husband?
Before he could answer I said,
“I don’t believe it, whoever is driving that car just threw out a lit cigarette”!


I’m thinking, are you stupid? Don’t you know there was a fire here yesterday?
I sped up enough to get a plate number, and then passed to see who was driving.

Just some random lady, 40ish, no one I know.
But then again, she could live in my area.
She might even be driving down my road on a daily basis.
Her lit cigarette butts flying out her car window toward my house!

Steve and I both have a bug-out-bag in the cab of the truck,
clothes, toiletries, passports, etc.
I pack the laptop in the briefcase and take it with me to work everyday.
We’ve even packed a medium size cooler
with about 2 weeks worth of non-perishable food,
that’s locked and chained in the pickup bed.

You never know!!!

Till next time,

Just heard thunder, went outside to see,
 there's a big black cloud over the house and I felt raindrops!
Could it really be?


brendie said...

we have the same dumb ass living here too, unbeleiveable isnt it, where is their brain??
oooooh rain, nice, I believe you need some of that. hope you get a nice soaking

Lynda said...

I've been keeping bug-out bags in the vehicles, too. I have a nice basket with food and flashlights and a case of water...ya' just never know!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Lucky my hubby wasn't following her -- there would have been an altercation.

Sending good rain vibes your way, Terry.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

I guess dumb ass is global Brendie.
The rain kind of fizzled out but I haven't lost hope!

Hey lynda, glad I'm not the only one who's over the top, never hurts to be prepared!

Oh, believe me Nancy, if I coulda, I woulda. I wanted to call the sheriff but the hubby said, "there's nothing they can do since they didn't witness it"! In other words MYOB, he's just not a "get involved" person, likes to keep a low profile. Whatever!!!

Leontien said...

i saw your title and then you started to tell about farmers.... and i was thinking by myself what i the world could those farmers done that was so stupid....

well and then i read the rest of your story and i got the whole picture. and yes that lady was/is STUPID! my gosh! even if there wasn't a fire, she should know by know how hard it is in Texas with the heat and the drought!!!

dumb people are everywhere.

hope you got rain????