Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Attack Of The Vacuum Cleaner

Lady, being mad at me. Red, after the alien abduction, they made her eyes aqua!
 Let me just start this with,
yes, I did get around to vacuuming the rugs and floor.
That said, next would be.
The only reason to have dogs in the house is,
you live in a Igloo and it's a three dog night!


I had to empty the canister three times,
 I said three times.
So much dog hair, under the beds, on the sofas,
every nook and cranny, crammed with dog hair.
No wonder I have allergies.

I'm vacuuming, shooting the evil eye at the dogs,
the minute Steve opened the door to go outside they were gone.
They understood the look!

I'm thinking to myself, just wait until you come back in,
I have a surprise for the two of you.
Evil laugh here.

I finished vacuuming the house and then,
 ever so sweetly, called the dogs to come back in.
Evil laugh again.

First I caught Lady,
(those collars are good for more than a few things). 
I proceeded to vacuum her.
I'm using the hose attachment with the bristle thingy,
 not actually running the vacuum over her,

Please, give me some credit!
Only thing was, her hair kept clogging the bristles.
I'd have to stop and clean it out, at which point she would run and hide.
After about three or four times of cleaning, catching, I was done with her.

During all this, Red was investigating  the goings on.
I'm thinking, you just wait, you're next!

 Red, look at yourself,

Love those aqua eyes Red!
 have you been rolling in that dead grass?
Caught Red too.

Oh wait,
that makes four times emptying the canister.

Really Lady? Get over it!
Let's just say,
there was a reason Mom never let dogs come into the house!

 And please don't call PETA on me.

Till next time, happy vacuuming!



Lynda said...

The looks on your dogs' faces!! I'm totally cracking up! Poor babies! Sounds like you need one of thos *shedding* combs they advertise on tv...always wondered if they really worked! Don't work too hard...and give thos puppies some love...

sawn48 said...

We have the same problem when we mention the word bath. Sarah knows exactly what that means.She is a mixed breed, but evidently Lab is no part of her bloodline.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Lynda, they do look pretty sad don't they?
Maybe I need to make a trip to Tractor Supply and look for some sort of brush thing, apparently the one I have is not up to snuff!

I'm telling you Sue, it was a mess.
About the laundry...only took me 2 days to get it off the line.
Today was really windy, had to do it! We are to get a cold front, temps are suppose to drop to the 90's, please.... that is not a cold front!