Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My landscape

The dogs were acting crazy yesterday,
there was no bad weather, just wind.
I went out with them several times to "check on things"
but didn't see anything, Lady just kept pacing.
I just figured the tropical storms were blowing in rain.
So I went about my day, making soap, blogging ETC. 

When Steve got home from work he asked me,
"have you been outside"?
"Well, yes I said, sort of, why"?
I followed him out back.
Oh crap!
Fire towards Ennis, about five miles away,
fire towards Alma same distance away.
I had been going out the front door.
The wind was blowing the smoke and smell away from our house.
I never even heard sirens!
Sunday there were wild fires in Corsicana, about twenty miles south of us.

Our area is all open land, no farming going on up here,
lots of cattle, some mesquite and cedar trees and brush, lots of brush!
Pretty dry up here.

This is how dry we are!

I went outside this morning. (I'm On a vacation day).
Hazy, smoky smelling. I don't hear any sirens.....YET!
Steve just called from work,
said they got an automated call from the Sheriff's office stating,
 all of Ellis Co. is smoky, hazy, don't call unless you see flames!
Wildfires are everywhere, Fort Worth, Austin, Oklahoma!

On my drive to and from work, (Ennis to Waxahachie to Red Oak)
I see patch after patch of burnt grass on the side of the highway.
Are people throwing lit cigarettes out their car windows?
There was a roadside fire on Thursday, 
about a quarter mile from where Steve works. (Waxahachie)
The nursery is surrounded by about a five acre mini forest, so you
can imagine how ugly that could have been!
The fire department put it out before it hit the trees.

Lady's not acting crazy so I guess we're ok?
But, I do have a bug-out-bag sitting by the front door!

Till next time, stay safe,


sawn48 said...

Sorry to hear you are still so dry. We finally have rain, and it is really cool. Jacket weather this last few days.I would have thought you would have gotten some rain from Lee.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

No rain yet Sue, although it has been cooler.

sawn48 said...

Pop wants to know what that is hanging on the line. He's not seen anything like that for years,around here.
(I think he's being a Smart A--).

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Stay safe, Terry. I've been thinking about you and my other blog friends down south. Just horrible.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Sue- I guess he means the laundry?
Tell him I'm a cheapskate and won't turn on the dryer.
I'm telling you, it sure has made a difference in the utility bill!

Hi Nancy-thanks for the thoughts:)
I found, and joined you on bloglovin:) :) :)

Leontien said...

ok so what is a bug-out-bag? And oh i am so praying for you that it RAINS! i feel bad complaining about the weather and then i come back her or to Texwis girls blog and see about the drought and i makes me really thing that i shouldn't complain that much!

I hope you are doing alright and yes listen to your doggies!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Leontien - A bug-out-bag is just a bag with a few changes of clothes, tooth brush, tooth paste, water, dried food -you know, stuff you will need to get you through a few days if you were to loose everything.
Hope all goes well for you.

Little Dotty Bird said...

If only I could send some of our rain your way...we got plenty! Came across a few wild fires when I was travelling in Australia, it pretty scary stuff, makes you realise how wild and free mother nature is...unfortunately when helped along by a cigarette!! Take care and stay safe xxx