Friday, September 9, 2011

Lovey Puppy...

There once was a little boy who couldn’t hear very well.
Since the little boy couldn’t hear very well,
that meant he couldn’t speak very well either.
His mother could understand him but not anyone else.
This made the little boy very frustrated and angry.

Puzzled, the mother took the little boy to the doctor.

Oh my, said the doctor….

The little boy had to go to the hospital several times.
Hospitals can be very scary, especially to a little boy.

The little boy’s grandma Jackie brought him a little stuffed puppy.
She told him, this is a Lovey Puppy, whenever you’re scared,
just hug her and she’ll make you feel better.

Through the years, the little boy has taken his lovey Puppy everywhere.
Movies, both grandma’s house's, dads…
Where ever the little boy is, Lovey Puppy is.

Lovey Puppy likes video games, movies, cooking, sword fighting,
whatever the little boy likes, Lovey Puppy Likes.

Along the way Lovey Puppy has made several friends,
Felix The Cat, Mr. Peanut, Casper The Friendly Ghost,
Mr. Pony, Robo Man, Purr Other Puppy and several Knights.

Lovey Puppy can be mischievous though….

Imagine the little boy’s surprise when he got to grandma’s house
and Lovey Puppy and friends weren’t in the suitcase!

 They were on an adventure, an Excellent Adventure!
 Till next time,


Christine said...

I love the story. Children can relate to it. Do you know Dogger by Shirley Hughes? It is about a toy dog and was a popular request at story time when I was teaching younger children.

Good luck with it.

sawn48 said...

Terry, there's another possibility for making extra money.Writing children's books. Have you ever considered doing that?

Leontien said...

hooo i hope Lovely Puppy get's back soon. little boys and big girls can get really sad if their Lovely Puppy goes away on an adventure all by themselves too long....