Monday, November 1, 2010

Canton First Monday Trade Day & Graves


Fate has a way of directing things, or misdirecting, however you choose to view it.

We were supposed to hook up with Roland & Irma at First Monday to do a little shopping, 
 but fate had other plans. 
We wandered around on our own, perusing this & that, not really looking for anything special.
I did find myself a nice lightweight coat, perfect for this fall weather,
ate some fried green tomatoes and generally just screwed around.

Steve decided he wanted to go across to the livestock part so, off we went.
On our way we passed the Canton graveyard, a very old graveyard.
Guess who's grave's we discovered?

Paul T. Mann/ died 1948 & Una Mae Mann/ died 1951
Steve's grandparents! He swears he didn't know they were buried there, how weird is that?
We always stay on the fair grounds, but this day we didn't. I don't know what fate had, or has in mind, I'm just saying, really weird! 

We did eventually make it over to the livestock area and saw this on the way...

Pit crew fixing a flat
And this...

Deer head mounted on the front of a chicken cage!!! (WHY)
This adventure was on Friday, today is Monday & I still haven't got my head around it all.

Till next time...


brendie said...

that is bizzare especially the deer head, why indeed, but hey we wont judge another persons sense of "style" will we lol. i thought of you when i saw a u-tube video today, its called rattle your daggs, your daily kick in the pants. its well known or successful kiwi's giving advice. todays was particularly good. here is the address, take a look

Nancy @ el vigilante said...

Wow -- things that make you go hmmmm. The graveyard experience was amazing -- just think of what you could have missed if you had zigged instead of zagged.

Very interesting.