Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soap Show, Cooking And Party


Things have finally chilled out around here.
We had a show on Saturday and that always makes things kind of helter skelter.
We sold lots of soap, body butters and lip balms, they make great stocking stuffers.
I really like doing the shows, meeting the people, hearing the positive comments on the aroma of the soap, the silkiness of the lip balms, ETC. It makes me feel good about what I am doing and the quality product I am putting out there. And then there's the repeat customers whom I am so grateful for!
After the show we went to Roland's b-day party, what a production that was!!! OMG!!
All I can say is,
.(Roland is my husband Steve's boss)
Band, Tex Mex food, open bar, about 150 people (I was driving so I didn't partake of the bar.)
All in all it was a tiring but fun and successful day.

Sunday was spent bringing in the last of the house plants, unloading the truck and cooking for the week.
We made meat loaf, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy.
Chili with beans for frito pie.
Pasta with meat/tomato sauce.
We will alternate these three dishes through the week for our lunches at work.
We don't eat a proper dinner/supper just a bowl of cereal or some crackers with peanut butter and home made jelly. Our big meal is at lunch.


I didn't get an opportunity to make Roland the Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas  for his b-day but I did have time to make him an artisan Foccacia bread last night. (In between doing the show receipts/paperwork.)
I made the dough in the bread machine then baked it in the oven. (I oiled the pizza stone, then sprinkled The Super Nate Spice on, rolled the dough in the spices and VIOLA, yummy herbed bread!!!)
As a matter of fact I am doing that again tonight, yum, I do like my bread!!!
Till next time....


sawn61 said...

What is the Super Nate Spice? Is that a secret or have you posted on it in the past? I love making breads, but with Pop's sugar and our weight being factors, I do very little baking, but would live to try getting back into it, even if it is just a batch of refrigerator yeast rolls on occasion.The bread making was one of my favorite jobs when I first began working for the school 30 some years ago.

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

(Sorry, I really messed up my prior comment. Too early I guess. So I trashed it.)

Anyway, meant to say happy that your sale went so well -- and sounds like you had a fun, yummy weekend!