Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Look


As you can see I am playing with my blog.
So now, while I have the time, I'm trying on templates.
Who knows what I might end up with, so far I like this one!
What do you think?

On another note.
 I finally went and got my eye exam, just as I thought, way overdue, blind as a bat!
I've been wearing glasses since I was about five.
The story goes something like this.

We (as in my family) were at the market, mom probably had all the kids with her, five of us at the time.
I was about three, running around like the wild child that I am and BAM, a steel pole just jumped out and hit me in the head. Can you imagine that? Not only did it knock me out but it also knocked my eyes out of sync as in, crossed my eyes! GEEZ...
Well my parents didn't have the money to get me fixed (my eyes, silly) but grandma found a new grandpa who did...  
 Lucky me!!
So off to the hospital I went.
I think I remember getting the anesthesia and trying to get the mask off my face?
I'm sure I remember my eyes, and even my hands being bandaged. Seems that I really wanted those bandages off my eyes!
After I got out of the hospital I had to wear a patch over my eye for a while  (pirate, shiver me timbers style)
and here I am today,  fifty years later, still with the glasses!!!
Maybe that bonk to my head did more than cross my eyes....  that would explain a few things!

Hope to be seeing better soon!!!

Till next time,


brendie said...

i like the frame, gives it a vintage feel. good luck with the glasses, dont suppose the grandpa is still around to fund it?

Tricha said...

You are So Funny. I love the new glasses. It is time for me to get some new ones, I am tired of the ones I have. Enjoy seeing the world again. hehe

Love ya

Tricha said...

PS: I like the new template. Aren't they fun.

Nancy said...

Maybe another bonk on the head would reverse it? Just kidding. Love your new glasses and the new template. So cute!

Canyon Girl said...

I like the template and the subtitle of your blog. Good luck with the glasses, I need new ones too. It will make a difference for me for sure.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

I've had more than one "bonk" to my head, I seem to recall having a swing incident, involving asphalt!!!