Thursday, November 4, 2010

$1,000.00 Jacket

Remember that jacket I mentioned purchasing at Canton First Monday Trade Days?
I just happened to unroll the sleeve cuff and discovered these words on a sewn on label,
I'm always game for a mystery. (Google is my best friend!)
According to my search, those words mean handmade, in Italian.  
(Duh, I could tell it was special, the hems were hand stitched!)
So now I'm really curious. Turns out it's a designer jacket, hand made in Italy,
manufactured under the name,
Piazza Sempione!
Doesn't mean anything to me, I just like it!
As you can tell from the link above I found their website, very pricy!!!
All the IN department stores carry their label, jackets start at around $1,000.00
Who would pay that much for a jacket? No one I know that's for sure!
 But I would pay $3.00, yep, $3.00
Who buys such an expensive jacket only to sell it for hamburger change?
I'll post a photo when I get my new glasses, kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.
Have a good evening,
till next time,


sawn61 said...

Sad, but true.(I have posted on my blog with my response to your post.)

Nancy said...

That's the thrill of thrift shopping. You never know what you will find -- that coat is a treasure for sure. Good eye! (well, when you have your new glasses, anyway.)

Jess said...

Can't beat an amazing deal! It always makes me feel good. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I bought the seeds at a garden center. I think they were called Japanese hulless. Easy as pie to grow, I didn't have to do anything but drop them in the ground.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Nancy-I will be able to see much better on November 12th!!!!

Jess-I'll check out the seeds for the spring garden. My grandson Nate loves popcorn! Also love the red dresser.

Sawn- How sad that she had to let her things go so cheaply, it makes you think about what is really valueable and perhaps, it's not things.