Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good To The Last Drop!!!

I do like my morning coffee....
Nothing better than a good cuppa with some homemade flavored creamer!
That said,
imagine my dismay when,
yet another coffee maker went out on me.
I've tried them all, from the lowliest Mr. Coffee non programmable, to the expensive Brew Station model.
Nothing works for more than a year, AKA warranty expired!!!
(Believe me, I do keep the receipts, stapled to the un - user manual.)
 My daughter Heather bought me the Brew Station when she moved in,
didn't like my malfunctioning Mr. Coffee, and especially didn't like my percolator.

 I get my percolator down, yet again, from off the cabinet top.
(Probably bought at some thrift shop because it looked so cool, I just can't remember.)
1950ish Society, Easy Flo, Electric Coffee Pot.
I'll repeat, 1950ish, still works!!!
This coffee maker is probably as old as me and still makes a great cuppa!
So much for technology!

I'm just saying......

Here's hoping you get to have a great cuppa in the morning!!!
Till next time....


Tricha said...

Thanks for the comments. :) I told Dad you said happy birthday and he said thanks. Mom mentioned that tomorrow is you birthday. So a big ole happy birthday to you. See you soon.
Love Tricha

PS: I think your percoltor is COOL. :)

Nancy said...

We have alot of calcium in our well water, so I have to run vinegar through our pot once a week to clear it out, or it gets plugged up. I've resorted to my old coffee boiler a few times when the coffeemaker goes kaput. They sure don't make 'em like they used to. :)

brendie said...

im weird, i dont drink coffee.
im weird, i dont drink hot drinks
no funny religion just like cold stuff lol. i guess instant isnt an option? lol

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

I'm playing with my blog again, took a vacation day to celebrate my B-day.

Canyon Girl said...

See, just like my sweater, that old stuff still works! What's wrong with quality -- seems like as soon as the warranty expires so does the product. You are so right there.-Inger