Saturday, August 27, 2011

No Rain, No Problem! Farmer's Market To The Rescue!!!


Since we had to quit the garden
 due to the  no rain issues/fines for using too much water,
a trip to the farmer's market on Friday was in order.

There was no arm twisting involved, I love to go,
 I would rather not have to buy my produce.

Oh well,
the bright side is,
 I'm helping out a south or East Texas farmer.
(Gotta take the positive notes where you can)!


We scored about 20 lbs of roma tomatoes for $8.00
4 giant, red bell peppers for $1.00
okra @ $3.oo a pint (got 2)
green beans @ $3.00 a pint ( got 2 also)
new potatoes @ $2.00 for 2 pints
and, 2 fairly large cantaloupe for $5.00

Some of the goodies

Not too bad, especially compared to the supermarket!

We canned some of the okra yesterday for Steve's mom
and saved the rest to fry.
We'll do that on Sunday.
My Steve does enjoy his fried okra!
He also enjoys green beans and new potatoes,
Sunday on that one also.

Today I got started on or meals for the week.
First up was spinach/lasagna roll ups from Rachel Ray's kid cookbook.

Rachel Ray's cookbook
Naturally, I put my own spin on the recipe using ingredients I already had on hand.

Here's my take!!

Mince, mince, chop!

1 small onion, minced
3 ribs celery, with some leaves, minced
1 red bell pepper, minced
1 roma tomato, seeded and minced
1 package spinach, drained and chopped (about one lb.)
(I had a package of blanched mixed greens in the freezer, swiss chard, spinach and beet greens)
about a 3/4  lb. of queso fresco, divided use (fetta or ricotta would work)
medium thick rue, about 1 and 1/2 cups  divided use (made with turkey broth)
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
6 lasagna noodles, cooked, rinsed and drained
olive oil for sautéing

Sautee first 3 ingredients in heated olive oil about 7 minutes.
Add spinach/greens, 1/4 lb. queso fresco, 1/2 cup rue and nutmeg.
Stay with the skillet at this point.
Cook, stirring until queso fresco starts to melt.
Remove from heat.
Lay out your cooked lasagna noodles on a cutting board.
With a rubber spatula coat the noodles with your spinach/queso fresco mixture.
I added extra, crumbled, queso fresco at this stage, a little for each roll up.
Fill and roll up all noodles and place seam side down in a casserole dish.

Time To Roll!!!

Spoon extra rue over the rolled noodles, sprinkle with extra queso fresco or parmesan cheese.
Bake in a 350 degree oven till cheese melts and noodles heat through. About 15 minutes.

When I make these in the summer I stop at the baking step. I just cover the casserole dish with plastic wrap and pop in the fridge. When ready to eat just spoon out a noodle or two and microwave.
Great for gourmet, lunch box treats !!!


I'm curious...
Have you been restricted on your water usage,
fined for using too much?
Do you  recycle your water when possible?

Tomorrow we'll be canning the tomatoes,
frying okra and making the green beans and new potatoes.

Till next time,


sawn48 said...

I know you're making individual servings, but I saw on Dr. Oz, which I'd seen before,where it doesn't change anything flavor wise, but the nutrition you get is greater,and the calories are less and it's just as filling,when you substitute some of the lasagna noodles with eggplant slices. I doubt that would work with the roll ups,but it sounds like a great idea for regular lasagna.I may try it this winter. Right now, the oven would defeat the AC.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Sue, yeah, eggplant would be great for lasagna. I'm hoping things cool off soon so I can start baking again. Maybe I should invest in a toaster oven?

What do you think of the pop-up window? I don't know, I think I like the inbed better.

librarianism said...

Dinner looks delicious. I wish I was there! I really like your new header, too!!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks 2 times Amber.
I'll ship the book ASAP

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Looks delicious, Terry. I like your additions!

We are not required to ration water, especially since we have our own well, but we do have several 5 gallon buckets we place under the eaves of the garage to catch rainwater for the garden, watering birds, etc... :)

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

how I wish we had a well as back up Nancy. Do you have gutters or are you just catching it freefall?

I do have lots of 5 gallon buckets from the soap oils.
We don't have gutters but I guess I could place the buckets at the corners?