Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free, Yes, I Said Free....


I've mentioned before that my husband Steve
works at a nursery
When the guys go out to do a landscape,
they invariably come back with rocks,
lots of rocks.
Texas specific rocks.... Shale, chalk rock,
whatever you choose to call it.
You can't dig three feet without encountering it!
They usually dump it along the creek bed sides
at the nursery property or....
put it in the dumpster.

What... Dumpster, are you kidding me?

No way!!!!!

Steve talked to the guys and they agreed to offload
said rock in a pile for Steve to take home.

Yeah, decent driveway in the works!

Steve's boss, Roland, let him use the
F550 to bring the rock home.

Borrowed truck
Even has a dump bed!!
Way cool!!!

Dust cloud on it's way!

After I took this pic I made a beeline for upwind!

Big rocks, little rocks, rock dust,
once it gets dumped, Steve drives over it to crush the biggies!
Eventually we will have a non mud driveway.
Not that it's muddy now, but in the spring,
let's just say, cars beware!

The lean, mean, working machine, AKA the hard working hubby!

Yes, it would be nice to have a non dusty,
concrete drive like we had in the city
but for a driveway as long as ours,
that just isn't in the budget.

Crushed rock is just dandy!
(And washing my truck is useless)

Can't beat free!
I'm canning tomatoes and making soap tomorrow,
should be fun!

Till next time,


Willow's Dream said...

Hey Terr,
another great idea! Good job in the dumping of said rocks Steve!

sawn48 said...

Isn't it amazing what you can find to do with free anything. I am forever passing up free stuff, sick to my stomach because I didn't really need it, but because it was going to the dump site.I'm thinking,Someone could have used that.Americans are so wasteful it's pathetic.(We get pieces of loads of cement from a friend who works for a company that pours cement.We have found some great uses for it. Sidewalks, walkways,garage floor,patio floor.Isn't it great to know folks who have access to useful stuff that was going to be discarded anyway?)

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Jamie, hope you & yours are doing good.
Steve always has some project working.
He's slowly been putting up a fence. We want to keep a calf in & the crooks out. Crooks form Dallas always come to the country looking for places to rob while the homeowners are at work.
I say, get a real job like the rest of us!!!

Love ya Jamie, tell everyone I say hey!

Hi Sue- love your salt & pepper shakers, super idea!
I wish we had a hook-up on cement but I guess we are fortunate to get the rock, plus the discount on the fruit & shade trees!