Monday, August 29, 2011

A little Of This, A Little Of That!!!

I got up early, 5:30ish.
We had plans to can up the tomatoes today.
Plans change, weather you want them to or not!
Nathan was in town and needed a ride back to East Texas.
A five hour ride,   

I put the tomatoes in the freezer,
maybe next weekend?
  So off we went!
Nathan likes me to read to him, he says I have "the voice",
so I took along our current book in progress,
A story about a dragon rider, evil kings, magic and such.
Steve drove over so I could read.


I do love to read to him,
making the story come alive with the emotions of the characters!
Loud voice here, whispered voice there,
trying to read the story like it was a movie.
He says I should read to the kids at the library.

I think I might scare them.
 We did manage to get the green bean/new potato
mix canned before we left.
I made the fried okra when we got back,
and also put some chicken breasts in the electric roaster.
(still not using the oven)
By this time I'm about tuckered out.
I fell asleep at the computer trying to write this post.
So you're getting yesterday's post today.

It's time to clock in so....

Till next time,


sawn48 said...

I can't help but laugh when you told about the sound effects you use when reading to Nathan.Leah was about 2 or 3 and she has had me for her #1 playmate,since her birth. I did the same with her. She had a little book that her Dad had been reading to her, and she went to get that book for me to read to her one night when we were visiting.I read,with my sound effects,and she got so scared, she never wanted to read that book again, and she would get very adamant about not wanting it read,when we would tease her about reading it.

Glad you got to spend some quality time with Nathan(even if it was on the road).

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hi Sue, that's funny, weird how alike we are.
Yes I'm glad I was able to spend time with him, would rather it not have been in a cramped pick-up truck though.

Hopr your day is going well!

Leontien said...

haha yep sometimes i can relate to that! If your nathan loves your voice so much i doubt that you scare the other kids!

And i know, i just had the stupid, mean police man! i normally run into the nicer onces!


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Maybe not his age group Leontien
(10 to 13) but younger, way spooky!!!

As they say in Texas, sorry about the PO-lice!

Miss Peregrin said...

Nathan has such a gorgeous smile! I used to read to my little brother, and do all the voices & sound effects. I think he was sad that he eventually learned how to read and didn't need me to do it anymore.