Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Gathering Apron

I told myself, self, you've been cooking every weekend for weeks,
poor Nathan has had enough of making fried pies,
it's time for a break.....

Time to sew something,

time to tend to the herbs,

time to view the sun rise,

 in other words,
me time!
This last weekend I did all of that and them some.
(Still baked some sweet breads and made a pan of enchiladas though).
Oh well....

I took Nathan to his other grandma's this weekend
leaving me with plenty of uninterrupted sewing time.
(I did send along one of the sweet breads though).

There have been pictures and talk posted of sewing aprons,
cute aprons.
Brendie made the cutest apron for Sue
 and she posted links to apron projects.

I want a new apron!
Mine is really looking ratty so I had an excuse for a new one.
After much searching and clicking back and forth,
 I found the apron I wanted to make,

The purpose of this apron is to be able gather your veggies, eggs, fruit, herbs...
whatever in the front.
You thread the waist ribbons through buttonholes in the hem,
 gathering it all up into a pouch that you tie at the waist.
Very cleaver!!!

The main fabrics and ribbon I purchased  about three weeks ago
especially for this project and the accent fabrics are from my stash.
I mostly followed the instructions,
I don't do button holes!!!
I know, I'll make belt loop thingies, that should work.
Yep, it did!
(I made the belt loop thingies out of the blue ribbon).
And I could make it reversible.
Yep, I did!
I still need to finish the other side with the ribbon and the belt loop thingies.

I like it, but....
 what's up with the blue again?
Am I changing from a green person to a blue person?

I feel better now that I've done some sewing
I'm a little concerned about the color shift....
I'll have to do a little research in my color book to figure it all out.

Almost forgot to tell you....
After our cooking marathon last weekend,
 Nathan and I went to rest on the front porch.
He wandered off and came back with this plate
of freshly picked strawberries and lemon balm leaves for me to snack on.
He did the arrangement himself.
I'm so impressed, he knows the rule of three!!!
He's so sweet, I'm glad he puts up with me!!!!
(When you start rhyming it's time to quit).

I hope you're having good times too.
Till next time,


Lynda said...

I love the apron...and the concept...couple of times I used the bottom of my shirt and ended up giving the guys over at the barns a couple *almost* boob shots...if ya' know what I mean...they would have run off screaming and quit working on the farm! I need a gathering apron!

brendie said...

i havent sent sues yet, ive just sewed the button on the neck today, got something to make for leah this weekend then its in the post. time flys doesnt it.

brendie said...

oh p.s. i love your apron, thats a really good idea with loops.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks Lynda, yea I know what you mean about the boob shots and the guys running off. I remember a time when the guys were running towards me...
Oh well...

Thanks to you too Brendie, I swear I read a post of Sues where she was talkling about the apron you made her. Now you've got me going, I'm off to look for what I think I saw.

Anonymous said...


Nancy said...

Great idea -- I ususally use my t-shirt or the pockets in my jacket to gather... not always enough room and more often than not, a broken egg is involved. :)

brendie said...

lol, i have made sue an apron, i posted a pic, i just havent finished a matching one for her grand daughter, its cut out but ive been distracted with other things so time has dragged out, i meant to send them about a month ago. my mission for this weekend is to get the other one finished and in the post early next week.

Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

That apron is sooo cute! What a great idea.I've never heard of a gathering apron before.

Leontien said...

Haha! don't worry i don't do buttons eihter!


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Sewing the apron was a really fun and therapeutic endeavor.
Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

sawn48 said...

You have indeed,been busy. How you find time to run your Soap Company is beyond me.The aprons and herbs are both lovely. I see lots of wonderful bars of fragranced soaps in your future.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks Sue, a little here a little there eventually it all gets done.