Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday's Thrifted Hat


April in Texas.
 High winds, tornadoes and thunder showers,
but the only thing we're getting are the high winds!
Needless to say the high winds affect my internet connection.
Meaning no internet...
My window of internet opportunity at work is slim with no picture uploading,

We have internet this evening so I shall try to post
before I get kicked off.

I found this hat at my local thrifty shop
a few weeks ago for $2.50

Plain Jane...
With a little ribbon, a button, some beads, a slide and cording...

It's now fab! 
I applied the ribbon, attached the button,
then realized, it's windy here in the spring ... 
You're gonna need something to keep it on your head....

I unattached the button so I could add  the cording and slide to keep it on my head, 
then reattached the button. 
A couple of beads knotted at the end of the cording and I was good to go! 
Live And Learn...

Just perfect for our Easter Sunday picnic at the park...

Grandson Nathan, Grandaughter Lauren

I'll find those candy eggs!

Abby isn't telling.

Where's the crabby patties!!!

What's that in your pocket Lauren?

Ginger counting the loot!

Happy Easter!!!!
Till next time,


Nancy said...

All I got to say about the hat is -- "oh, Behave!" ;)

Greyeyes said...

It sure looks like you guys had a great time. Greyeyes (Dave)