Sunday, January 30, 2011

Canning And A quilt

Oh my gosh!!!
We've been canning since last Friday,
a few hours here a few there. (After work)

We finally finished up today.


The pineapple will be lunch bag snacks,
kabob fillers, diced for cookies, ham additive,
could even be squashed and simmered for syrup over pancakes.
(Use your imagination.)

The veggie broth is a beautiful amber color,
looks like a French Onion Soup starter.
Onion and garlic skins/ends with celery ends
simmered then strained and canned.
(Used the waste from the Tomato Veggie mix.)

The Tomato Veggie mix is toms, celery, onion, garlic,
mixed color bell peppers and dried chilies.
No seasonings, we'll use this base for tacos, spaghetti sauce,
pico de gillo, guacamole, lasagna, spanish rice ETC. 

Even managed to make a few batches of soap,
mow some of the lawn weeds, clean house and do laundry.
The temps. have been in the high 70's for the last 3 days
so I was able to hang the laundry out and
open the doors for some much needed fresh air.
Snow predicted on Tuesday, damm darn bipolar Texas weather.

Steve planted the carrot seeds, the lettuce, spinach and more of the onions.
We're spacing the onion plantings so they don't all come in at the same time.

Sure do want to finish that quilt.



I think I spy some of the rose fabric from the placemats in the lower left corner of the quilt close up.
Frugal me.

Well, thats all I got!!
Till next time.


sawn61 said...

I love pastels for a quilt. Lighter colors anyway.I am not a quilter,per se,but I do love making quilts. I do not have the patience to cut and measure by the book. I like to "do it my way" like in any other craft.I am not really great at any craft, but when I get it to the point where it suits me,I'm OK with it.
It's strange to see you still canning down there, but I guess your seasons are a little different with you being further south.Does pineapple grow readily where you are. I know bananas and figs do.We don't have any of those here in Ky.I love to try new things. The veggie broth sounds like something I could make and use quite often.
Is your soap business in your home?

Nancy said...

Busy, busy! Awesome output for doing it after work and weekends.

What kind of soap did you make this time?

Have a great week -- I'm so jealous of your weather!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Sue, We try to can year round. When ever we find a deal we jump on it.Pineapples don't grow here, we got these from the farmers market at a great price. They have sheds for local farmers, wholesalers, imports, artisan type things so you can get non local items also.

Nancy, We made Tropical Vacation and After 5.
Need to get busy on the products, got a show last of march.
Darn, time to go to work, talk to you guys later!

Jess said...

Oh my goodness! I thought I canned a lot. You've been really busy.

kim andersen said...

Wow, Terry, you're amazing. The love and the work that goes into being self-sufficient is apparent in the beautiful fruits and veggies you have canned. I have never canned the first thing...think I may do something simple and see how it goes.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks Kim, I say go for it. Water bath canning is about the easiest.

Jess- your canned toms look great on the rickrack shelf as do the milk glass chickens.

Tricha said...

Hey Terry,
I know where I am going when the end of the world comes :) You have all the food. The commune will finally come together. hehe. I made a great soup with navy beans and sausage, no recipe, just winged it.

Stay warm in this crazy weather. Honestly, I think my grams may be right about the Russian weather machine.

Love ya

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

What about the Russian Weather Machine?
Am clueless!!! Grams are usually right, they have lived a long time!!!!!
You're welcome at this commune, just bring the sausage, navy bean recipe and plenty of blankets.
BURRRRRR! Am I still in Texas?
Glad you're cooking more at home, winging it is great, you discover what you really can do.