Monday, January 17, 2011

Pressure Canning Project #1 Chili

This was our first venture into pressure canning meals in a jar.


Notice that square looking jar 2nd. from left? Vintage, found at one of my favorite shops. I've had it for about 10 years, it's seen many food items. Says Atlas, maybe I should Google that!

After my last post I was cold, so  I decided I wanted to turn the oven on which required cooking something.
Had some canned stewed tomatoes with celery, colby cheese and some summer sausage,
I got out the bread machine to make my dough,
pureed the tomatoes,
sliced the sausage really thin, (makeshift pepperoni)
grated the cheese,
Chicago Style Pizza
(More or less)
I call it Chicago Style because I remember as a teen, 
pizza being cut into squares, not wedges.
Just because you don't have the proper ingredients doesn't mean you should be deterred.
It was super yummy, really, I swear.
Till next time.


Tricha said...

It all looks so yummy. I want to come for dinner. :)
I need to learn to can like that. It looks like fun.
Hope you have a great week
Love Ya

Nancy said...

I just love the old canning jars. We used to use all of them, but started putting some of the oldest ones in storage -- mostly the blue Ball jars, which are becoming scarce.

The pizza looks awesome! :)

sawn61 said...

Folks with creative minds like ours will never lack for something interesting to eat or do.Isn't it great?

P.S. I'm loving my soaps.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Tricha, The pizza was great, super yummy.
Canning is fun, time consuming but still fun.

Me too Nancy, I always look for them when I out and about. I googled the atlas, worth about $12.00.

Sue girl where have you been? Working on a secret project, spying for the CIA? I know, you flew to New Zealand, and you and Brendie were sitting on the beach having a great time while the rest of us were freezing. Come on fess up!!!
(just joking)

I agree, we women always seem to make things work no matter what. I remember my mom making a soup/stew thing with beans, tomato sauce and hot dogs, she called it Texas Jack. When you have 7 kids what ya gonna do?

Hope ya'll have a great day.